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When Lion was released I purcased it from the App Store.  But it doesn't show in my "Purchases" area.  What's up with that?  Is it possibly one doesn't need it with the Recovery HD created during install?  It gives one the feeling of not having a net under you when you're on the tight wire.  I did purchase the Lion on a thumb drive a while back, so I'm not without the ability to reinstall.  Just curious as to why it's not in my App Store purchases.



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    If you're using the same AppleID to login, it should be there. If not, contact the App Store. For what it's worth, your safety net is to make a copy of Lion's installer app after downloading so you don't have to waste time and resources DLing it again, since the dumb installer deletes itself from /Applications as part of its install routine. Alternatively, extract the InstallESD.dmg file from the USB stick, mount it, restore it to a 10 GB partition, and use that. Much faster than any USB method.

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    Your Lion purchase may still be available in the Mac App store. Go to

    Store Menu>View my Account

    and sign in there as directed.

    See if Lion is now listed under "View Hidden Purchases." If so you can then "unhide" it.

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    When iCloud came out, somehow I ended up with two Apple IDs and they will not combine the two.  I discovered my Lion purchase was on my "other" ID.  Thanks for the suggestion - it made me think of that.  I often have to use one or the other IDs when using the App Store or iTunes on my mobile devices, I guess which one depends on which ID was used to purchase that app.  Although my main ID, IMHO, has most apps/music purchased on, there still are a few that come up with that other ID.



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    Thank you so much for your help, the person from the App store customer service couldn't help me at all.

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    I doubt it, but I wonder if Apple will ever allow multiple IDs to be combined (or possibly allow one to be logged into them simultaneously - not likely).  Now that the App Store is THE Software Update place, one has to remember to check all IDs (luckily I only have two) when checking for updates.