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This seems to be a new problem, only appearing since I have moved from my G5 (10.4.11) to a new iMac (10.6.8).


When I access another Mac via Airport (using Safari and typing in an address such as afp://, I can access the other Mac by typing in the password, its disk will appear on my Desktop, but a small red dash appears in User folders such as Desktop, and if I try to open the folder it says I don't have permission.


How do I get around this? I should ahve permission for everything because all the Macs involved are mine.


Another thing: I know Macs are smart, but how on earth did it know to put a red dash in this post, when all I did was type in a dash surrounded by brackets?

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    Guy Burns wrote:


    a small red dash appears in User folders

    You can only access the folders which the user account you used to log in to the remote Mac is allowed to access. The icon says this account does not have the permission to read the folder you're trying to read. If this worked with the previous OS version, it means you had custom permissions, which were re-set when you upgraded the OS.

    how on earth did it know

    It's a new function introduced in Snow Leopard. It's called ESP (extra sensorial perception, or mind-reading).