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I habe been a Mac person since 1984 and pride myself in my self learned computer skills. My many years as a critical care nurse managing several different computer platforms has been a wonderful learning experience for me.   The iCloud is a very disappointing challenge for me in more ways that i want to admit to.  I am a heartbeat away from jumping to Google Docs which i use through my workplace and is seamless for the user.   I have activated all aspects of iCloud on all of my devices as per instruction online and also in-store instruction.  My iMac does not sync with the iCloud in its entirety and i have activated the appropriate featuresmin System Preferences.  Changes to my imail on my iMac partially sync with the iCloud and thus the corresponding devices. My iMail does not have much content, so the size of the program should not be an issue.


I pitty the Mac users that are not technically adept especially if they have been a previous Mobile me user.  The online instructions for transition to the iCloud are horrific.  Were there focus groups to design the learning strategies?


I am so close to abandoning iCloud for Google Cloud, realizing there is no Mac interface for Google connect


A very disappointed Apple customer.   I have put in way more energy into this than the majority of your customers would even consider doing.



iMac desktop, Mac OS X (10.5.3)