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I just sold my Powerbook 266 PDQ and would like to make the Setup Assistant reappear for the new owner. Jaguar, OS 10.2 (plus updates) is installed. Normally, I begin with starting in Single User Mode (command+S). When I do, the Powerbook starts up normally. Weird. the key combinations aren't recognized. Is there a different method for the PDQ? Or maybe it's not possible on a machine this old?


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PowerBook, Mac OS 9.2.x, G3 Wallstreet PDG 266Mhz
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    I think if you erase and install 10.2, and go to the Apple menu and shut down when the setup assistent is up, that will allow it to remember to go there upon the next reboot.  Try that, and see if it does reappear.  If it does, just shut down one last time, and hand the 10.2 installer disk and the computer the new owner.