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  • Andrew Wolczyk Level 5 Level 5

    Why don't you post a screen capture?

  • sasscunstein Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Andrew. I tried pasting screenshots several times, first with the transparent LS pop up. I copied and pasted the capture, and it showed up as a ? in a blue box. I attributed it to it being transparent. When I tried pasting the software prompt which seems to not be from apple, or LS, I got the same thing. I was not allowed to copy it. Safari just sent me a 'bad gateway' link as I type, never saw that.


    What I can do is take a photo of it, load it, and send that. Or I could link a picture of the suspect prompt to craigslist, or not zweg. They're always broken and full of sick stuff no one should be seeing unless that's what they wish to see.


    It is a strange bird, that prompt. My gut tells me not to restart the computer, or let it out of my sight, as it is possibly someone's attempt to retrieve an integral part of the mac book 'gift'.


    Someone suggested some meat and beer and a long walk. Well, it is almost Spring, and the apple store is 10 miles away. I'll never get in a car with this person I am trying to avoid eye contact with, ever. I have walked many miles after being drop kicked many times. I am a grown man, I know my limits....the fun just never ends. Today I wish to burst into song, with that 'Day in the Life' chorus Lennon performed....ah....ah ah ahhhhhh ah ah ahhhhhh ah ah ah.


    Yesterday, it was 'when the music's over', very loud, acapella. I was pleased with it. Poor Jim. I try to not be affected too much by what he saw, but some of the songs are quite relevant. As soon as the xxx's iphone highlight strops flashing thtrough my LS pop up, I think it will be safe to stand in the sunlight, and collect the neighbor's cigarette butts often strewn about our yard.


    I will give a good visual description of the oddball prompt I did capture, but cannot paste, in my next visit here, thanks.

  • Andrew Wolczyk Level 5 Level 5

    You dont paste pictures. Reply to this post and click the camera icon. Then select "Choose File" and navigate to the image on your hard drive.

  • sasscunstein Level 1 Level 1

    Test post for purpose of loading screenshot capture of curious link:



    No dice.

  • sasscunstein Level 1 Level 1

    Screen Shot 2012-02-29 at 8.30.28 AM.png


    Thanks, Andrew. This is it.

  • Andrew Wolczyk Level 5 Level 5

    That is a Little Snitch dialogue asking you to authorize a connection via port 80. As Software Update is a known system app, simply check "Any Connection" then hit "Allow".


    LS takes a while to learn exactly how you want it to handle all the network connections each individual app. If the app connects to multipe sources via different ports, LS will ask you every time to allow it. So, if you have an app that you know is trusted, like any of apples apps, select "always allow" and it will never bother you again. As for other less known apps, you will have to decide why they want to connect to a network, then make a decision as to if you are going to allow it or not. Remember that most applications will try to connect to a network for one reason or another, whether it be for registration purposes or for update checks. In my opinions LS is more hassle than it is worth, unless you fully understand what you are doing with it.

  • X423424X Level 6 Level 6

    The problem with someone like you not familiar with LS is that you have no knowledge of what you should deny, allow once, or allow forever.  In the case of SoftwareUpdateCheck, that is Software Update doing a periodic Software Update check (which you have set in you system preferences), so you should allow that forever so LS won't pester you in the future about it. 


    LS needs to go up a "learning curve" which you teach it each time it presents a dialog about some new contact.  As time goes on, the prompts will decrease since as you fall into some pattern of usage.  If you look at my rule display I showed earlier in this thread I have 150 rules.  But I know what to allow and disallow.


    I believe you said you got this as a refurb machine from apple.  LS is making you a little paranoid (and from your remarks last night maybe a bit "punchy").  Because you got it from apple it was suggested you just not use LS and learn to enjoy your new machine.  That, or reinstall the software so you know you have a reliable starting point.


    This thread at this point is going nowhere.

  • Andrew Wolczyk Level 5 Level 5

    100% agreed, Little Snitch is serving no purpose for him.

  • sasscunstein Level 1 Level 1

    Admittedly I am not one to just push buttons for the heck of it, so if that makes me a slow learner, so be it. I have other things to consider at times, such as feeling the earth quiver below my chest. I have learned a great deal of life lately, and this computer seems to be part of that.


    Finally I disabled a few rules, on LS preferences, and did this one at a time, for experimental validity. There are some interesting findings, among them, that LS is useful, with some caveats, of course, if you are willing to learn about them. I can supply what looks like a useful link, if anyone is interested. For entities which are high powered, LS can be worked around.


    I tried the natural approach to detection at first. With no rules, or filters, in place on LS, I visited several sites which would cause a control freak of the 'born again' persuasion to mentally overload. I visited 'homo hotline', 'born again pagan', and several other viscerally disturbing sites, bookmarking some of them in case the watcher missed any of my visits, though I think a monitor program records everything, like the government does. After that I found a biscuit cut in half left on the counter top, a ritual Christ offering many of us do understand and share accordingly, after xxx's iphone left the compound. I ignored that because it's like drinking a lot of water to clease oneself, but when the water is poisoned with flouride and now fracking compounds (yes even the great lakes got hit, of course), it simply won't do to take the medicine on faith. At any rate, no priests, or police were summoned after my searches, so I began removing some of the protected rules on the filter. Each time, I held my breath, hoping to see the xxx iphone drop off my LS pop up. 


    This thread, btw, is showing 'bad gateway', so I assume I am being ghosted once again. Like on craigslist, where only my computer shows my listings, not elsewhere.


    It may seem I am getting no use from the LS device, and you may be correct, because each filter I installed was proven futile at making the iphone person disappear from my LS screen. I removed syncing rights, bonjour, and a few others that LS says are needed for smooth operation. Each time, there seemed to be temporary success, but even with bonjour filtered out, and with mDNSR blocked as well, I look up and see that iphone again. I have no way of knowing whether or not my data is in fact being looked at, or blocked on the phone user's end. Please don't give up on me.


    Strange that no one can answer my simple question: does the iphone showing up on my 'connection' history mean that I am being watched?




    At any rate, I feel immune from ridicule, and that is why I share my thoughts. Have a great day.

  • sasscunstein Level 1 Level 1

    Your observation is not true. For 30 dollars/year, LS tells me when the xxx iphone is turned on, and when she awakens, at all hours it would seem. Also, since the bad gateway safari message keeps popping up on various reply links, I have seen other pop ups, slightly more serious in nature. Just now it would appear that someone wants my email password. LS did nothing to warn me. I ignored it, of course, but any spy hacker can get in if that's what makes them happy.


    Other than the iphone activity of the gift giver, LS is worthless. I hope to learn something here, but it isn't happening, and I wouldn't be surprised if this thread is existent only on my computer, and a few other's; but not to the world.


    That matters not. Nothing can change God.

  • sasscunstein Level 1 Level 1

    Andrew, thank you for instructing me. I see you 100% think I am not learning, but that is not true. Now I know how to post an image here, and I now recognize the LS prompt as being legit, thanks to you. A free demo is not a hassle when it at least tells me when the xxx iphone is approaching my shell. Would I spent 30 bucks for it? I need to save $ so I can reformat my new computer. Probably that is the best way to shake off this flea. LS is not giving me any advice since I haven't purchased anything.


    It also appears to use up quite a bit of space, according to the apple activity monitor. When it gets more crowded there, then it may be more trouble than it is worth, agreed. I only pirate in analog, so stealing bono's money via pirating digitally is of no concern to me. Digital sound is poison to my ears.

  • Andrew Wolczyk Level 5 Level 5

    This site is not the place to post your random meanderings, and is certainly not here to be used as your own personal blog space. Please mark your question as answered and move on please.

  • sasscunstein Level 1 Level 1

    To you they are meanderings. Connections exist, outside of a vacuum, you may be shocked to learn. I suspect this is a little outside your range of hearing.


    I stand corrected btw as you said LS is of no use to me, not that I wasn't learning.

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