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Dear All,

Actually I have a problem which does not appear before...

I am using a iMac 10.5.8 (update are done) and we are used to mount two external drive following

this syntaxe :




From that iMac I can not the first share, but now I can not mout the second share which is on a NAS.


However I can mount it from another iMac. A colleague also try to mount from my iMac and he could'nt even if you can from his iMac. Then I am sure the problem come from workstation.


I can ping it.

When I am trying to mount it, it asked me form my password, and then it retunr me that error:


"A volume failed to mount, The volume "[name]" could not be mounted"


Then I gopt another window error:


"Sorry, the oeration could not be completed because un unexpected error occurred. (Error code -6602)"


I searched on the web, but I have not found a suitable solution.


I hope you can help me with this matter.