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I need help setting up an email account and/or phone number for my messaging on my iPad so it can sync with my iPhone. HELP!

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    The pad simply needs a unique e mail addrss.  A phone number will not work.


    If you have one, enter it in settings, messages in the receive at field.  Apple will verify the address my sending you an e mail to that address.  You need to respond to the e mail to show them you are who you say you are.


    Then when someone wants to iMessage you, they should do it to the address you have entered.

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    If you have an apple I'd, you already have a valid e mail address on file.  You can use that.  If you have more than 1 apple device, and want to have messages to the pad only, then you need to enter the unique address as described above.


    If you do not have a second e mail address, hop over to gmail and create a free account with a new address.  Remember, apple will verify the address by send you an e mail that you need to respond to.

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    I just re read your question.  I message does not have anything to do with syncing.  What is it your are trying to do?

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    Hi! I put in my me.com email and my gmail.com email, but when I try to put in my Comcast.net email it wont "verify" it because it says this email is already in use. Also, when I try to text message some people on my iPad, it comes up red in the address field and won't let me text them. Why is this? Thanks!

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    I want to be able to read messages on my iPad and iPhone. Right now, I get all on my iPhone, but only 2 people on my iPad.