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From where can I download iTunes Producer? I cannot find it neither on iTunes Connect neither in the App Store.

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    Help !!!!I can no longer find iTunes Producer 2.5.1 anywhere.  This version supported Mac OS X 10.5.8, and I just went out and bought a Macintosh eMac G4 which was on the list of supported hardware for this version of iTunes Producer 2.5.1.   Lo and behold, I just received my G4, and now iTunes Producer 2.6 is only available, and it doesn't support the eMac G4.   Where can I get a copy of iTunesProducer 2.5.1 so that I can run it on this eMac G4 machine ????
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    Good luck!! I have the  Intel Mac and I tunes producer is not available and like you I bought for the specif purpose of publishin Ibooks. Even at Apple, they don't even know what ITunes Producer or U Tunes Connect is, they simply don't know. If you find out something ..Please post it

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    Yes, I was able to resolve this by myself.  First, if you have an Intel-based Mac, running OSX 10.6 or higher, you can download iTunesProducer 2.6 (the latest and greatest), and it should work.


    This is how I was able to obtain V2.5.1 of iTunesProducer, which just went out of circulation a week ago:


    - I use FireFox Browser

    - Login to iTunes Connect

    - Go to "Deliver Your Content" page

    - Hover Mouse over iTunesProducer 2.6 link

    - Right-mouse click and select "Copy Link Location"

    - Open Up New Tab in Firefox

    - In this new tab, Paste (i.e., CTRL-V) the link into your URL text area

    - Replace the part of the link that has "2.6" with "2.5.1"

    - Press Enter to go to this newly edited link

    - You will be prompted to Download the 2.5.1 version of iTunesProducer.....voila !


    By the way, I installed V.2.5.1 on my eMac G4 that is running OS X V10.5.8.  It installed and ran, and I was

    able to upload my book without any issues.   Now I'm just waiting for it to get sanctioned in the iBookStore.


    I hope this helps.

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    Apologies if this is a very basis question. I just signed up (completed the application form) to publish iBooks on iTunes. I've received the 'verify' email and can log in with the account details on iTunes with no problem. BUT I can't log in on the iTunes Connect page, with the same details, and having received no instructions of any kind I have no idea what I'm meant to do now. I have a fully formatted and edited book ready to submit (and sample chapters etc) but don't have iTunes Producer and am not even sure if I should be using it if I did.


    Very puzzled by the lack of instructions. Am I supposed to wait for a message from the gods? Or is it simply a case that I've neglected to do something, or done something wrong?


    All help very much appreciated. (I'd love to see a 'Deliver My Content' button and get this whole long process over with . Cheers.

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    You are not alone. I'm all set up with a Connect account, full admin, and when I log in I can find no way of downloading producer. I've logged it directly to Apple, plus I'm working with the Apple team on a book, so as soon as they get back to me I'll post back to this chain. Very frustrating.....

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    Snap. I am precisely this situation!


    Having been to this page




    I have jumped through the following hoops:


    - Created new Apple ID (As an Apps publisher all my/our apple ID's are asiocited with existing accounts)

    - Located US Tax code

    - Submitted Title for Book


    At this stage I was not offered an option to upload the relevent ePub file for submission, the process finished, I couldnt (& cant), download Publisher as detailed in the simple steps.


    What do I do and where do I go next? Reading above there is no 'Deliver Your Content' Page on my Connect dashboard!


    Am I now expected to go through a third party iBooks publisher?


    Please help, I am doing this for Telegraph Media Group, not as an individual, and need assistance.




    Rob Fallon

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    Your three steps are the same as mine. I'm calling one of their dev heads this afternoon to resolve this.


    I'll message you back straight after. Between the Telegraph and Getty we should get some satisfaction. Lets hope it's soon.




    Steve Blogg

    020 3227 2343

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    Guys I have the same problem. Can't see any place to download iTunes Producer....


    Does anyone know?




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    After you finish creating yor book on I Books you must publish it. Then and only then, Itunes Producer will appear as magic an ask you to continue with the process of filling out the information requiered in order to uploaded, which is very simple, just facts about the book,number of pages, cover image, description, ISBN etc,etc. The hard part comes afterwards.....After you have submitted the book it will get back to you telling if it has been accepted or not. i believe you must provide an Ebook preview for them to look at. If you are lucky they will accept it, if not it will come back to you with all kind of metatags errors which have to be corrected  and submitted again and again and again.

    Unfortyunately folks at Apple have not been very helpful or clear in their information...it seems to me that they really do not care for publisher to publish their books..... Hope it helps yo a little bit

    Ps. i am still trying to submitt mine,jejejej


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    You must create your book in IBooks. After you are finished you shouls publish it. After a few seconds I Tunes Producer will appear as magic and ask you to fill out more info pertaining to the book. Then after you have finished that it will ask you to submit it. and then the problems begin.......Good luck!


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    I have a book in ePub format, and I do not wan to use the iBooks Author, besides there is no way to import the .epub file in the iBooks Author.


    How do I download the iTunes Producer, to use it to publish the book?

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    pluralpublishing wrote:


    How do I download the iTunes Producer, to use it to publish the book?


    You can get it when you sign up for an account: