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I purchased a mobile me account quite some time ago. The reason for this was primarily for the functionality of iDisk. I share a lot of files with my customers and iDisk was a solid solution to this. I just upgraded to iCloud from Mobile Me and realized that after June 2012 I will no longer be able to share those files like I did with iDisk. I have read through all of the discussions regarding sharing files and this really frustrates me!


APPLE - BRING BACK iDisk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR FIGURE OUT A WAY TO INTEGRATE IT INTO iCloud. If you read through your discussions on this topic you will see that you will probably loose a lot of customers due to this change. This includes myself.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3), Several other Macs too...
  • TZ Level 1 (120 points)

    Many people including myself are very upset by what Apple has done.


    At least Drop Box is a decent replacement for iDisk.

  • rtv2 Level 1 (10 points)

    The best replacement for iDisk I have found is Wuala ( It is almost identical to iDisk, works the same way, keeps Wuala in the Finder or on the desktop, very simple to use.

    Better than dropbox or any of the others I tried.

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    the problem is not for them to integrate it... the problem is server space, as well as energy costs, as well as produciing a quality product that holds a benefit. True, there are others offering a comparable product but Apple is growing exponentiantlaly and is trying to keep costs down both for the consumer and the organization. So for the time being, you either have to use a compararable product such as "Drop Box" or  "Wuala" or "Cloud App Pro" or you could use on your own computer, OS X Lion, icloud, Back to My Mac, and an external hard drive connected to your Apple Airport Timcapsule Router. I am personally using both Drop Box and Back to My Mac. (I might also utilizie Wuala, but need to do more research on it.)

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    iPad OS5.1 was supposed to remove the need for any other computer, but instead it and iCloud, forced computer OS upgrades and probably new computers and endless - not painless - adding stuff to your computer, synching, upgrading constantly. You can't really get serious work done on ipad...just a toy for kids. The rest of us are trudging back disillusioned to our PCs and computer operating system tablets, sigh.

    Misleading advertising and charging more for less --it did not take long for Apple to become Microsoft-like, did it?

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    That still doesn't make sense - Apple charged for MobileMe, and I would happily pay for server space for my iDisk...  I back up locally to a hard drive, but iDisk means you have offsite backup as well...


    For me, iCould meant no worthwhile improvements, just degradation of existing functionality.  I don't buy music, don't share photos and, in both cases, I have too many files to use iCloud anyway.  My iPhone 3G can no longer synch over the air and I have to connect it via a cable to my Mac to keep address book and calendar up to date, and iDisk has disappeared altogether.  And for this privilege I had to upgrade both my Macs to Lion.





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    I upgraded to Lion, found that my 3rd party apps wouldn't work and was overall disappointed. 15 minutes after upgrading I went into my Tme Machine and restored OS 10.6.8. Not having iDisk was a big disappointment also but Wuala works the same so not too big of a loss there.

    Aren't upgrades supposed to be improvements?

    I won't upgrade again.

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    Curiously, when I go to the iCloud, Documents & Data, Manage option in System Preferences it shows that I have 23Gb available (until the downgrade to free 5Gb in June) with 1.4Gb used by Mail and 0.0Gb used by Backup.


    But what is the "backup" option, and how do I use it?  ...I looked but Time Machine doesn't recognise the cloud...

  • Julian Wright Level 7 (34,860 points)

    Backup is for backing up iOS devices.

  • ByronBound Level 1 (10 points)

    I have downloaded Wualu, to discover it is actually a beta, and quite buggy.  Be very, very, very careful when transferring files to this environment because it appears that Wualu encounters errors, drops files, and may not actually back up all the files you think it is backing up.


    Is this a good replacement for iDisk?  No, of course not.


    Shame on you Apple...  Some of us have IMPORTANT information to store - not just music and photos.  As I said in another post, we are not all teenagers...

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    Heh heh, well there is never anything important on my iPad and my iPhone is too old to run IOS 5.0...  Perhaps Microsoft will bring out a proper cloud backup solution for the Mac sometime...


    What is Apple thinking?


    ... meanwhile I am getting all sorts of horrrible erros trying to copy my files around my mac to migrate from iDisk to Wualu...  What is -36 error?  Don't you hate it when the Mac drops a large file copy operation because it hits a snag with a single file?


    If I EVER get all my files into the cloud safely I hope i NEVER have to go through this again.


    Thanks for nothing Apple....

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    rtv2 wrote:


    The best replacement for iDisk I have found is Wuala ( It is almost identical to iDisk, works the same way, keeps Wuala in the Finder or on the desktop, very simple to use.

    Better than dropbox or any of the others I tried.

    Seems like you need to try more of the others then, Wuala is not ready for primetime yet (maybe never) Dropbox however is ready, and SugarSync even more so.

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    I am trying SugarSync now...  I gave up on Wuala - because of the way it synchs, my Macbook Pro appears to run out of resources when it is copying files to the Wuala synch directory and I get -36 errors in file copy and the copy operation is aborted - very irritating, and more than a little nerve-wracking as it leaves you unsure whether all your files have been copied.


    I have never been more annoyed with Apple than I am today - still sitting here days later trying to sort out the mess created by Apple's removal of iDisk - a functionality I depended on.  And for what reason are they putting me to all this trouble?  There is plenty of storage available on iCloud - but it can only be used for play stuff - photos and music - or Apple-specific app data, like Pages documents.  None of which is of any interest or use to me.


    Perhaps Apple is becoming just a supplier of toys, and those of us who have been relying on Apple and the Mac for serious work will have to go elsewhere and find a reliable, professional, solution?  Where though?


    In the meantime my iPhone 3G has been dumbed down - Apple having removed the wireless synchronisation capability for contacts and calendar.  Email still works but I am not sure how Apple can get away with that given that the iPhone 3G was sold with those capabilities...


    But then there is nothing more arrogant than an American corporation...

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    Remember the Alamo! Remember the Newton!


    We had two Apple Newtons in my family when Apple decided to drop them. Anyone interested in a paperweight? At least they were good for that. I can't think of anyway to recycle iDisk as a virtual paper weight.


    Yes, it's another crazy "ram it down your throat", "tough luck we are doing it whether you like it or not" , "we know better than you" decision by Apple. It is very  dissapointing to loose the iDisk. It is the reason I paid for MobileMe over the years. The next pargraph describes an additional problem with the loss of MobileMe which is worse for me.


    The other Apple "arm twist' is with iCloud. With the demise of MobileMe I was told I loose my ability to use my .me email address  with Mail unless I upgrade to iCloud. Using iCloud requires me to upgrade all my computers to Lion. I have three computers and an iPhone. Two of the three are new and have Lion, but my computer at work cannot be upgraded to Lion because our primary application in our business doesn't run on Lion yet. So, Apple has left me "holding the bag" on this one. It really *****.


    I should have learned my lesson after my Newton experience.

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    I understand that non-iCloud capable Macs (I have a Power PC G5) can access iCloud via a browser.  I intend to keep up with Contacts and Calendar in this manner.

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