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  • Cupid007 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi Kingv84, I tried exactly the same procedure, but still the trackpad is unusable

  • Cupid007 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks Zourtney, the method in your link worked.


    I plugged in a wireless bluetooth mouse, which has a usb receiver throughout this process. It should even work with any usb mouse. I have updated the below procedure from the actual post to match the Win 7/Win 8 options. Basically the procedure is as below:


    Go to Device Manager

    -Under Human Interface Devices you have 'Touchpad' listed. We have to change this driver to USB Human Interface Device as follows:

    - Right click 'Touchpad' --> Properties

    -Driver (tab)

    -Update Driver

    -'Browse My Computer for Driver Software'

    -'Let me Pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'

    -Select 'USB Input Device'


    -Now, the trackpad starts working, but no scolling or tap to click works.

    -Now, go to system tray on the bottom right and click on boot camp control panel.

    -There you should see a tab 'Trackpad' and you will have options for tap to click, scolling, dragging, 2 finger tap, secondary click etc.,

    -That`t it folks..!


    Hopefully this works...! Thanks for all the productive posts here. Keep up the good work..!!!


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    I haven't installed it yet. I was a little worried that 3D gaming would no longer function due to ATI graphics drivers (which can not be updated or installed directly from ATI)

    I had read a few posts that people couldn't run any games (3D FPS type games) after installing CP8.

    Has anyone "upgraded" a windows 7 partition and tried gaming after?

    Wish OSX wasn't so limited or I would just do a 3rd partition and install W8 on a 3rd partition but Macs have no idea what to do with a 3rd OS, simply will not work on a Mac.

  • The hatter Level 9 (60,925 points)

    It is always difficult but you can upgrade the gpu driver.


    however you might want to see how the native ATI driver in 8 is first, and for AMD to issue theirs (they had one for 8 DP back in Sept)

  • maksimke Level 1 (0 points)

    Need some help whit the instaal of bootcamp drivers.

    wegen is run it in 64 bit it says that this drivers are not conpertibel whit your version

    even when i run it in win. 7 mode

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    For those who did a clean install, how are the brightness and volume controls working for you?


    I am not seeing the on-screen notifications for these. But, much worse, the auto-brightness control regularly kicks in, dimming my screen down to 0% (off). Yes, I have a Maglight handy, ready to shine it at the light sensor, every time I boot into Win8 now.

  • bbfc Level 3 (850 points)

    You need to turn off Auto-Brightness (or something along those lines) in the advanced power settings.

  • BillDy Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for all this great info. Switching the trackpad to USB Human Interface Device worked great.

    Though I still can't see it in my Bootcamp to change the settings. I can't right click, scroll, etc. Jut the left click works.


  • Cupid007 Level 1 (0 points)

    You should be able to see these options in Trackpad tab of bootcamp control panel. If not, then your bootcamp drivers might be old. You might have to download the Windows support drivers from the bootcamp assistant from MAC. You have to just select 'Download latest Windows drivers.....' option and they will be downloaded to your pendrive/external harddisk. Then you can try installing them again in Win 8.



  • Cupid007 Level 1 (0 points)

    I did an in-place upgrade to Win 8 from Win 7. The brightness, volume and keyboard backlit controls were working on the first day (eventhough there were no on-screen notifications). But not sure what happened, none of these controls are working now. Also, in the advanced power options, I selected 'Never' for Dim the screen display options. But still the display dims when I restart. I hope these are all bugs with the Consumer Preview.


    Do you have the same problems even after doing clean bootcamp install?

  • bbfc Level 3 (850 points)

    It's not the DIM option, its the option for Auto-ajusting the brightness/Ambient light sensor. You need to turn it off and there is a problem with it.


    Of course there will be bugs, but lets not forget that we are running Windows on a Mac. There are bounds to be issues.

  • zourtney Level 1 (0 points)

    If you too are having issues with the Macbook autodim sensor, turn it off in the power settings. Specifically:

    • Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options
    • Select Change plan settings for your plan
    • Select Change advanced power settings
    • Turn Off the Display -> Enable adaptive brightness settings


    Adaptive brightness.png

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    Could anyone please confirm if Skype, webcam and audio are working?

  • Jack on Windows Level 1 (0 points)

    Search posts in apple community, and you will see three ways to solve the brightness problem,


    1. Wait for a new release of Apple BootCamp


    2. Go to Nvidia or AMD for the latest graphics/video card driver for Windows 8. In the Control Panel->Nvidia or AMD, you will find the settings to adjust screen brightness.


    3. Ask Mac Brightness Control software for help. $39 is required after a trial period of 15 days.

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