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Ian4 Level 1 (10 points)

So this is what i am trying to figure out.


I know that if i create a document in pages on my mac that i need to upload the doc via icould for it to show in iwork.  I also know that if i access that file from my iphone or ipad and make changes to that document that it automatically updates it on icloud.


This is my question, Is there a way when i make changes to that document on my mac that it automatically updates it like my iphone and ipad does on icloud.  Coz whats happening at the moment is every time i make a change to the doc on my mac its currently NOT updating it on icloud.  I am doing something wrong or does it just not update the document?



Thanks for your help!

  • Winston Churchill Level 10 (95,701 points)

    If you change a document on your iOS device, then you need to download it from iCloud.com to make changes to it on your mac. Once you make changes on the mac, if you want to work on it on iOS devices again, you need to upload it again to iCloud.com.

  • gcastilloo Level 1 (0 points)

    This seems to be the case. It seems like we are all under the belief that it should sync automagically on all devices. This would be so much better but I've been looking around and it seems that we need to manually upload again. Boo!

  • pvonk Level 6 (13,722 points)

    I believe the upcoming Mountain Lion will do this automatically.  At least from what I read in the Mac magaizines.