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Aperture .. Remove photos from an Album without affecting photos in a Project



Photos are in a project. A few are Masters and versions; some adjusted once or a couple of times.

Most images have been edited outside Aperture with Photoshop, then the best edits imported into a project.

A few photos are edits of those imports produced from the photos edited outside Aperture.


Now the best looking photos are picked and drag/dropped to an Album to be viewed with remote devices, and Apple TV.



200 photos have been placed in an Album, California Trip. (100 are Yosemite)

I decide to have a second Album just Yosemite. Select 60 best photos from the Project drag/dropped to Yosemite Album.

I now decide to remove all 100 "Yosemite" photos from the California Trip Album.


As I cmmd..delete the Yosemite photos from California Trip Album… many of their counterparts in the Project goes with it. I did UNDUE so all is OK.


I have read the types of photos, and versions, how they are a pieces of the Master, etc.


I just want to select the best looking images in a project and send them to an album. If I later want to thin out some photos out of the Album … I would like to do it easily. For me albums are a way to group the best and show them with other devices.


Bottom Line:

How do I remove images from an Album without having many also get removed from the Project??

MacBookPro 17', Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 Level 7 (25,715 points)

    If you're done with the Album you can delete it. The images in the projects won;t be disturbed.


    If you want to keep the album and just remove some or all of the images select the images you want to remove and do Photos->Remove from Album or tight click the images and select remove from album or else just hit the del key




    BTW this only works with regular albums not smart albums.


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  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Use the Delete key.  It executes the action "Remove from Album" when the selected Images are in an Album.


    Putting Images in Albums, and removing them from Albums, has no effect whatsoever on the relationship between an Image and the Project that holds it.


    NB: "Albums" means regular Albums.  It does not mean "Smart Albums" which are a different kind of container.


    I recommend using Projects for _storage_, and Albums for _retrieval_.  I further recommend setting up two top-level Aperture Folders, one for storage and one for retrieval.  In general, put your Projects in one, and your Albums in another.  Import into Projects, and export from Albums.


    Think of Projects* as permanent storage, and Albums as (relatively) temporary organizing containers.  Images come into your Library; they get put in Projects where they will stay forever.  You put them in Albums as needed.  You can remove any Image from any Album, and remove any Album, without ever worrying about removing an Image from your Library.


    * The naming of "Projects" is, as I've noted in the past -- -- imho the single worst interface decision made by the Aperture design team.

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    To the comment on "top Level Aperure Folders ... I had thought that might be the best way... keep them segregated. Your comment validated that process, Again, ThanksR

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    I'm seeing the same problem with someone's Aperture library. I know that removing photos from albums SHOULD not affect the photo in the project. However, I just encountered this problem where removing a photo from an album MOVED the master from the project into the trash. I then moved the photos from the trash back to the project where they belong and the photos REAPPEARED in the album where it doesn't belong.


    As a last resort, I closed Aperture and opened it in iPhoto. Here, I successfully removed the photos from the album and the master in the project was not affected. When I reopened the library in Aperture, everything was fine.


    Can I assume this is some sort of quirk / corruption with the library?


    This is a big concern to me because Aperture is clearly not functioning as it was designed to. How can you trust that when you remove a photo from an album, the master will remain in the project?

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    Were the images involved in anyy way with uploading to, say, Facebook or Flickr?



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    <removed by original poster>

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    What version of OSX please, and of Aperture?  I can try it on either Lion or Mountain Lion, both with 3.4.3.



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    How are you removing the image from the Album?


    If your are deleting it and it is the only version of the master then the master is removed also.


    If you want to just remove it from the album use Remove from album


    See Deleting version also deleted the master

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    Okay, I just realized something. What I wrote above DOES NOT reproduce the problem.


    With further testing, I just discovered the original problem was that Aperture wasn't allowing us to hit the delete key to remove from the album so we ended up having to CMD+Delete. I just assumed that a simple delete in this context was not allowed. I just tried it again and hitting delete should have removed the photo from the album.



  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 Level 8 (37,555 points)

    Not sure I could have helped then, as I only remove from an Album using the Right-click and then Remove from Album explicit command.