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I have a spring 2008 24" iMac running Snow Leopard.


I am about to put a new 2TB hard drive in it and after I do that I want to do a clean install of Lion on it.


I do not want to upgrade my Snow Leopard install to Lion. I will keep it on my back up drive as a fallback incase of serious workflow incompatiblities with the new OS.


For my workflow I create and use multiple partitions (Mac OS,  Windows and multiple HFS+ for data) on my hard drive and I have seen that Lion creates it's own hidden recovery partition as well for the recovery functionality.


My questions are:


1) Will I have issues running Lion on a partition on a hard drive with multiple partitions that have different file systems?


2) If I install Lion into one of these partitions will it create it's recovery partition within the space of the partition it is being installed into?


3) I will be creating a clean install by downloading Lion using the App Store and then burning an installer DVD using instructions I found elsewhere and then using that to do the install on the new drive. Is that the best route to take?


All my current data I will have on a backup external hard drive and after I complete the Lion install on the new larger drive I will manually reinstall all my software and move my data back from my backup drive to the new drive one partition at a time except of course for OS partition. I keep all my real user data outside of that partition anyway.