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I was so excited when this new update came out - I've been looking forward to a fix for all the crashes and hangs that have been plaguing me for months.


When I try to run it, though, it says that it isn't supported on my system. This looks like an error. The requirements are:


  • Version: 3.0
  • Post Date: February 29, 2012
  • Download ID: DL1444
  • License: Update
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System Requirements

  • OS X Lion (OS X 10.7 or later)

My system is on the latest Lion 10.7.3 it is an iMac ( Early 2009 NVIDIA GeForce GT130) and it has certainly been experiencing the hangs and crashes.


What is going on??

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 24" Early 2009 NVIDIA GeForce GT130
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    If you look on the right of: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1444 it says "related articles." One of them is " ■Intel-based iMac: Installing available updates," Clicking on that reveals the reason.  The firmware update is only for 2011 iMacs:


    Your 2009 iMac is supported only by two special updates:



    If neither of those fixes your problem, and you don't have AppleCare, the cost of fixing your internal hardware issues that are not RAM related probably isn't worth it, unless an Exchange/repair program is issued for your Mac on this page:


    You can always post to http://www.apple.com/feedback/ if you feel your model has been left out of the loop of those programs.  Or if you want try to troubleshoot here what went wrong.

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    Additionally, be sure to read the footnotes about your iMac's available updates:

    For the 1.4 Update: "8.This update is for all 20-inch and 24-inch Early 2009 iMac computers."

    For the Superdrive update: "10.This update requires you to install the iMac EFI Firmware 1.4 update first."

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    I agree though it was difficult to notice which machine it was for, if you happened to come upon the update either via Software Update or via a search engine on the net.  I've requested the authors of the articles be more specific on the DL pages which vintage Macs are able to take certain updates if they are limited to specific vintages.  You can do the same: http://www.apple.com/support/feedback/

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    Hi maybe you can tell me why I cant install the firmware updates for the iMac 27 mid 2011, when my iMac is a 27 inc mid 2011?


    Getting the not supported by this system message. My screen constantly acts wierd, and sometimes it dies - help is appreciated

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    The firmware updates are designated only for very specific machines.    If there is any doubt, bring it in for service.

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    One thing to remember, if you ever had a logicboard replacement, or you bought new or refurbished and don't know the history of the logicboard, that could be an indication that the firmware update may not apply.  Of course if you are having system problems that would indicate a logicboard problem, you should bring it in for service anyway.  If you want to isolate a hardware versus a software problem:


    1. Backup your data at least to two physical sets of media.  (I.e. two hard drives, or a hard drive and DVDs, etc... depending on your tolerance for waiting for recovery).


    2. Run the hardware test that came with your machine:



    - If the hardware test shows no problems, and your hard disk is not over 85% full, you may just need to repair the directory as indicated here*:



    - If repairing the directory doesn't solve the problem, and you aren't using any tools like Onyx, MacKeeper, Macaroni, Antivirus, non-Apple Firewall software,

    and the system is non-responsive to command-option-escape when it is busy, or you are getting four language screens you must restart now with no-non-Apple peripherals attached, then you likely have either a RAM problem or a hardware problem that can't be isolated elsewhere and need to bring it in for service.  It is more likely a hardware problem if booted off CD you get the error message, and the disc is definitely for that Mac, or a supported newer retail operating system.