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Hi helpful ones...for the last two days my gmail account in Mail won't load!  My Aol email account works on it fine, and gmail works on Safari...I can even send mail from the gmail account in Mail.  But as for loading new messages?  That circle thing just goes round and round and round.  Any ideas why this is suddenly happening and how to fix it?  I don't want to delete the account from Mail because I'm afraid I'll lose all the past years of mail stored on my computer.  Thanks for any advice!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
  • ihashem Level 1 Level 1

    you have to try to delete your account and re-create it.

    it happened with me once on iPhone.

    i did not lost any data @ all.


    to be caution, try to open your email thru safari or any browser, check if all your emails are still up there.

    i can assure you, your data will not be lost.

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    I know this is two years later, but I simply had to turn my phone off for a few seconds, and it was off up to a minute, and then I turned it back on. It seemed to load just fine after that. Did you try going to your settings and deleting the account off of your phone, not completely deleting the account? If your information (emails, contacts, calendar events, etc.) is saved to your account, and not your phone, it should be backed up on the servers of the account (Google in the case of Gmail).