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I had my appleID based on my gmail address. After deleting the gmail account, I changed the email address for the ID with a yahoo address.

Now the problem is with my iPhone. I'm using iCloud and when I try to change the Apple ID in the "iCloud Account Information", the text field with the old ID (@gmail.com) is grayed out. My phone tells me that the iCloud user name or password is incorrent (Ignore or Edit), but I can't seem to change anything.

I successfuly changed the AppleID inside the Store, but with iCloud it's impossible to do it. I haven't tried it from the icloud website yet.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1
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    For those who still have the problem - I have found a way arount it.

    1. Just logout from the Store and login with the new email (appleID).

    2. Delete the current iCloud account from your iPhone, leaving the data that's on the phone untouched.

    3. Login to iCloud with your new email(appleID) and select "Merge" for the details that are already in the cloud.


    And you're done.

    Apple could have really made this simpler.

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    You are a genius!! I have 2 Apple ID's, one is my primary email account and the other was a me.com account.  Of course when I went to the website to change my Apple ID from one to the other, it either said I couldn't use another Apple ID for an additional email or it said my Apple ID was already in use.  Really???  You made this so simple and you're correct, why didn't Apple????  Thanks again!!!!

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    Thank you ctrip.  I can also confirm that this works and solved the same problem I had.  Thanks for posting here to help others out.

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    ctrip!  You are awesome and resolved my issued! You rock!!!!

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    I have the same problem except it says that I cannot delete my iCloud account because my iPhone is being restored. Now what do I do?