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Hello people.Has anyone noticed that the iP4s GPS accuracy is worse than the iP4? I run using Nike+ GPS app AND Runkeeper app simultaneously.Compared to my older iP4 (3 of them actually)  the iP4s seems MUCH worse in accuracy under the same conditions. I usually run on a track using the stock earphones or bluetooth earphones.I noticed that when using BT the accuracy deteriorates.The same happens when leaving  cell data and wifi on (especialy the first one).Has anyone noticed this too?




iP4s CellData & Wifi OFF

iP4s Cell data & wifi OFF.jpg

iP4s CellData & Wifi ON

iP4s Cell data & wifi ON.jpg

iPhone 4S
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    I'm having the exact same problem but with different apps. I use RunKeeper, TomTom, and NavFree. All three apps have some GPS inaccuracies. I jog around a lake and RunKeeper has me running across the lake at some points of my route. TomTom and NavFree both report my live location to be on another street sometimes. As far as I can tell, it's random but other times it seems to happen at the exact same locations.


    I have both the iphone 4 and 4s. This problem started upon updating my iphone 4 to ios 5. Prior to that, the GPS was very accurate in all of my routes. Both phones are now on ios 5.1.1 and this problem has persisted. I hope someone at Apple's reading this. There are dozens of threads about it already, yet no fix and ios 6 is already on the horizon.