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Things went well, after  purchasing the new Ipod classic 160 gb i tryied to watch movies on my LED TV via Composite AV Cable.  I did it once. Everything worked correctly & I was able to see my photoes, watch movies.  Today i tryied to connect it again to the TV via av composite cable. The TV Out was switched on. But i could hear only audio. No video. I tryied all possible configs for Ipod an for tv set & no result. If i choose on my Ipod to ask me  first if i want to switch on the AV out, the Ipod shows me a message that i should connect the video accessory (but it  is already connected!). If i choose simply to switch on the TV Out without asking  me it will play either sound only on the TV, either the playback on the Ipod is ending after 20 seconds of show time.

Without AV Cable connected Ipod is working normaly in terms of video playback. Also the device is working normally with the ITunes.

Please help. Where is the problem. The AV composite cable? TV set? Or iPod itself?

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    Some users connect the iPod red cable to the TV yellow terminal and the iPod Yellow cable to the TV red terminal.

    Check your iPod TV mode, is it NTSC or PAL, and set your TV mode input similarly.


    Good Luck!

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    Hi Rusbug,

    I am having the same issue with my iPod Classic 160gb not playing video on the TV via Composite cable as you posted in march!


    did you get a solution for the issue??


    desperate to know what to do next.