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I use SeaMonkey as my browser/email client.  I like it exactly because it is integrated two-in-one.  I want it to be my default browser.  I have had it set up this way for years, except when I click on the File/Send Page, or File/Send Link commands.  Then it reverts to Mail, which I don't want.


Is there any way to make the system use SeaMonkey as the default browser all the time?

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    Start the Apple mail program and on the menubar, Mail > Preferences > General tab > Default email reader > drop the selection box and pick seamonkey.




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    Also, if SeaMonkey isn't defaulting to your browser Start Safari, Safari > Preferences > General tab > Default web browser > drop down list and pick SeaMonkey.

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    Thanks for the info.  I hope it solves the problem - it should.  When I opened Mail and clicked on default browser, a list of maybe 100 items popped up, most having nothing to do with browsers (private monitor exe.app, etc).  All of them had "(my boot camp)" at the end, EXCEPT Thunderbird.  SeaMonkey(my boot camp) was the only SeaMonkey title in the list.


    Obviously, the list came from my boot camp partition.


    Finally, I scrolled all the way to the bottom and saw "select", which allowed me to browse my computer's Application files and select the right SeaMonkey.


    I think Lion has a lot of bugs.


    Thanks again.