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I'm recently discovering some weirdness with iCal.  I've got appointments doubling up in my iPhone, and now the appointments in my iPhone aren't showing up in my computer.  Is there a way to reset and resync everything on iCloud? 



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Go through the steps listed in iCloud: Troubleshooting iCloud Calendar and let us know if that helps.


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    Definitely helped.  My computer's calendar went back to normal after that.  My iPhone's calendar started doubling and tripling appointments, so I turned off the iCould sync on the phone, let it delete everything and then turned it back on so it could sync up anew.  Your suggestion plus resetting it on the phone put it all right again.


    I should add that because I'm paranoid, I made sure my calendar was backed up first.    Thanks for helping me clear that up! 

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    You are welcome.


    Thanks for letting us know what helped.

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    I'm having the same trouble with iCal on my iMac not syncing with iCal my iPhone 4 - I don't use iCloud as I'm on Snow Leopard. Otherswise all software updates are installed. I ave run various disc utilities, Disk Warrior, Drive Genius, etc, restarted both devices and am now ready to go to Android or (god forbid!) Windows! Please help! I have trawled the forums to the point of frustration and am ready to chuck one or both devices down the toilet!  Any suggestions? 

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    I am also having the same problem!


    Powerbook with Mac OS X 10.6.8 and iphone 4 with iOS 5.1


    I've got appointments doubling up in my iPhone, and now the appointments in my iPhone aren't showing up in my computer. But I don't use iCloud.  Can somebody help me?

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    It took some time, but I found this and it worked! Whew.... This is such a common glitch you'd think Apple would have a fix for it by now. Anyway, here is what I found and it's all good now, hope it helps someone else. (Courtesy of this site: http://iphonewriter.blogspot.co.nz/2008/05/how-to-fixing-ical-iphone-sync-issues .html)


    "You'll know the syncing issue when you see it, because the new events you enter into the Calendar on your Apple iPhone will not appear in iCal. Said another way, you'll enter a new event into your iPhone, use iTunes to sync with your Mac (or MacBook in our case) and the new event on your iPhone will not show up in iCal. Keep trying, synch as you might, iCal and the Apple iPhone just won't get along.


    Here's the down and dirty fix:

    1. Open iCal and backup or export your entries. Make a note of the fie name and location, you're going to need them in a minute. Once your backup/export is completed, close the iCal application.
    2. Open Finder and remove everything inside the "Username/Library/Calendars" folder. For instance, if your username is "Joe", then move everything inside the "Joe/Library/Calendars" folder.
    3. Open the iSync application. It's located in the "/Applications/" folder. Once iSync is opened, go into the iSync Preferences (iSync -> Preferences) and push/click the "Reset Sync History" button. Then, close the iSync application.
    4. Re-Open the iCal application and Import (File -> Import) a new calendar. When prompted, use your notes from Step #1 to select the file your created earlier. Once completed, close the iCal application (you should have all of your calendar entries back.)
    5. Open the iTunes application and connect your Apple iPhone to the computer.
    6. Within the Advanced section of the Info tab for the Apple iPhone, check the box the overwrites/replaces the Calendar data on the Apple iPhone.
    7. Click the Apple/Sync button. New, modified and deleted entries should now be syncing correctly.

    That's it! You should be all set and iTunes, iCal and our Apple iPhone should all be playing nicely as friends again. We've used the exact method to repair our own Apple iPhone at least once... maybe even twice."

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    I have found this to happen often way to often please fix Apple it also happens on th Ipad and Iphone where both do not sync back to the mac through ical so I have found one thing that is working at the moment back up ithe ical and to a restore of this ical on your mac and then sync works at the moment but things change. And yes in the past I have tried all of the above, changing default, icloud and deleting history and yet this problem reoccures especially after a apple software upgarde!

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    Hey rorygilmore


    Thanks very much for that detailed reset information.  Recently, for some reason the sync from my iPad has not been working but all is well after following your fix.  I've cut and pasted your instructions into a file for future reference.


    Thanks again, your help is much appreciated.