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I recently downloaded the ipod updated for my 30gb ipod. Before i got it I would hold menu for about 3 sec. and the backlight would turn on. Now after the updater when i hold menu for 3 sec. it just takes me back to the main menu. Is there a way to fix this or change it? Can someone help me make it change back to the original way it was?

HP   Windows XP   30 GB Black Video Ipod
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    Mike, this is one of the problems with the new update. Also, larger video files (approx. 90 mb and above) are also giving people problems after the update. If you have these problems, I suggest you downgrade to the previous firmware. I've posted the instructions for it in my other topic.
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    ok thanks alot, i wasn't sure if i should downgrade and the people on apples phone service suck. NO OFFENSE ANYONE