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After upgrading all our devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad) to the latest software, we're having a problem where when my wife creates a meeting within iCal and sends to me, the .ics that is sent shows me as the meeting organizer instead of her, even though she created the original iCal invite.  When I open the .ics on my PC within Outlook, it doesn't let me accept the meeting since the .ics shows the meeting is "from" me as the organizer and says "As the meeting organizer, you do not need to respond to the meeting."


Any idea why ical (or iCloud) is not correctly putting my wife as the correct meeting organizer since she's the one who created the original iCal event?



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    I have discovered a workaround to this painful issue.  In the email received from iCloud, click on the big "Accept" button (in the body of the email) and it will take you to a webpage where it shows that you accepted the specific invite.  From that iCloud webpage, you'll see you can download a .ics to add to your calendar.  Download that .ics and open it, and you can save that into your calendar by just pressing the save icon from the Quick Access toolbar (although the Organizer is still not correct...it still thinks it's me).  Strange that the .ics that is attached to the original email cannot be saved into your Outlook calendar, but the one you can download off the iCloud webpage after you accept can be.  It's a lot of clicking to get it into your Outlook calendar, but at least it somewhat works (albeit again without the proper Organizer listed)...

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    I suspect you are using the same iCloud account as your wife, it is generally recommended that uses you separate iCloud accounts to avoid such problems.

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    I am not using the same iCloud account as my wife, so that doesn't explain any of the problems we've had. 

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    Same issue here.  Seems like a simple fix since Icloud knows who the organizer is in the webpage.  They just need to fix the dynamic .ICS file they let you download...  I can't understand why this is still broke after all this time.