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Can someone please help me understand how I am to opena Winmail.dat  document?  It is an attachment which is included on an email and may be a movie or a JPEG, but it is always  sent from a PC.  I downloaded an application from the net called TNEF, which is supposed to open these types of files, but it does absolutely nothing to fix the problem.


My knowledge of computers and their associated terminology is limited, so if possible, please keep it simple.





Solved by John Galt on Mar 1, 2012 6:33 PM Solved

Good to know, thanks! I've never tried it.

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Try this Rose:




Winmail.dat is usually attached to emails when someone uses Microsoft Outlook. Tell the sender to send emails in plain text format.


I usually ignore it, if the sender wants to send something important he will find a way.


If you really believe you need to decode the file, try this free tool: http://www.winmail-dat.com/online.php

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