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I have 2 photo albums on my iPhone that i want to delete. One is called "Photo Library" the other is called "iPhonePics". I cannot delete any of the photos in either album. How do I delete the photos and/or the albums?

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    Those pictures were synced from your computer to your phone.  To remove them, uncheck syncing these photos on the Photos tab in your iTunes sync settings on your computer, then resync your phone.

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    Photo Library is automatically generated by the iPhone when you sync photos to the iPhone. You cannot delete pictures in this album, nor can you delete the album. The same with the one iPhonePics, which is one that is created based on the sync rules you have set up in iTunes. You have obviously set iTunes to sync to a folder on your computer called iPhonePics and/or that is set up to sync from iCloud. If you want to remove pictures from these albums, you have to remove them from the folder on the computer and then sync the phone. That will remove the pictures, however unless you tell iTunes not to sync that folder, it will not remove the iPhonePics folder. The Photo Library will remain.

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    There is no duplication.   This is how the iphone handles photos.


    Just as one book can be in the public library and that exact saem book can be in the fiction section, a photo is in the photo library ( with ALL other photos synced to the iphone) and that exact same photo can be accessed from the individual folder.


    If you wanted to show your family a slide show of all of your photos, then you would use the photo library.  if you wanted them to see only Christmas pics, then you would use the folder.


    There are not two pictures, simply two places from which to access the same pic.

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    I've tried to answer your question, but something seems to be going wrong with your posts. Try and come back to this thread and read and reply. I'm trying to help.

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    I am running into a similar problem.

    When I connect my iphone 4 to my mac air, software updated, I uncheck all the songs I do NOT want, all the albums and photos and "last imports" to No recent events on my computer in Itunes.

    Will it help if I back up to icloud or my computer ?

    I have selected "manually sync only checked items" on my Iphone.


    I keep getting an error message saying there is not enough space to sync my iphone. I just want to remove photos to not carry them around on my iphone.

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    When I initially connected my ipohne to my new computer, the photos synced, then asked me if I wanted to delete the imported files.

    I didn't at the time, but would like to now.

    Why does it not give me this prompt now?

    Can that be updated in the software?

    It would make life so much easier.

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    I have 200 songs checked and it is saying syncing 4,300 photos and it keeps looping. It will now sync alternate albums, but keeps syncing the camera roll back to the phone.


    I guess that means the real question becomes, "how do I unsync the cameral roll and/or photo stream," or delete the photos from the Camera Roll enmass?

    Do I have to delete them individually on my phone before I sync my phone to my computer?


    Thank you for your help!

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    As well as having duplicate songs in my itunes that I need to uncheck all the time so they don't upload to my iphone with duplicates.

    Is there a way to ucheck songs enmass as well on my computer so they will not be available to sync to my iphone?

    I have my songs that I want checked on my iphone menu, but somehow others are being added to my iphone even though others are checked in my music library, but NOT on my iphone choice list of songs to sync, and those are NOT being added to my iphone.

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    You can uncheck multiple songs by selecting all the songs you want to uncheck, then right-click and choose "uncheck selection".  Also, make sure that you have checked "Sync only checked songs and videos" on the Summary tab of your iTunes sync settings or the sync process will ignore your selections.


    You can remove all the photos from your camera roll using Preview on your Mac.  Connect your phone to your Mac, open Preview, go to File>Import from iPhone.  When your photos appear in Preview, select the photos you want to delete, then click on the icon at the bottom showing the red circle with the diagonal line through it (see image below), then click Delete.


    To remove photos from the Photo Stream album on your phone you'll have to either reset Photo Stream (deleting all the photos from iCloud) or turn off Photo Stream on your phone.

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    Forgot to post the image:




    The delete button is the one on the right.