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My friend has the Motorola Cable Modem/Wi-Fi Router SBG6580.  I am not able to stream music to an AirPort Express Base Station.  I have searched for solutions and tried to open up ports on the SBG6580, but no luck.  The AE connects to the Wi-Fi network fine.  It appears in iTunes for AirPlay.  But when you choose the speakers, it gives me the progress bar, then times out after about 10 seconds without connecting to the speakers, which is a Samsung SoundBar connected digitally to the AE.  So it would appear that the Motorola is only allowing one way communication with the AE.  Does anyone else have the SBG6580, and have they gotten it to work for streaming music?  I am going to take my Apple Extreme base statioin to my friend's house tomorrow to see if that works, which it should, so I can narrow down the problem to the Motorola.  I am also going to try and disable the router in the Motorola to see if that works as well, combined with the Apple Extreme base station.  The manual for the SBG6580 is a joke, it doesn't explain anything on how to do advanced configurations with opening ports, etc.  So it has just been trial and error so far.