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I used to be able to ssh on my Mac Pro 10.6.8 in school and submit jobs (running flow simulations) using the batch command.  The batch command starts a computational fluid dynamics code that is supposed to run for a number of iterations (typically this takes hours). 


When I submit the batch jobs now, the runs reach the number of iterations specified but then the run starts again.  The run is executed three times.  I tested this on different MacPro computers I have. 


I also tested with "at now" instead of "batch".  The result was the same:  the run was executed three times.


If I ssh and start the runs without batch, all is running fine.


I tested a small batch submission using line commands and the file batchtest:


ssh -X user@machine





where batchtest is:


ls -l codes

df -k > disks1


This worked fine, it did not loop.


I would appreciate any suggestions.


Thank you,



Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)