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Hello Discussion Community (Fellow Reader),

I have several iDevices, but I upgraded my main two devices, an iPhone 4S, which I didn't upgrade, but which was delivered with iOS 5, and an iPad 1, which I had on 3.2, 4.0 and now 5.0, but, eversince I upgraded to iOS 5, which, I know, and I crave, has a ton of cool new features (my favourite being iCloud), I constantly drop out of any Wi-Fi I am, and if I use AirPlay, my iPad stops running in the middle of a movie.


I have an active Apple Developer Membership running through my dad currently, and I am in the middle of designing an app which uses the internet on iOS devices.


I have tried upgrading to the iOS 5.1 beta, which was improved, and stopped battery leakage. Apple inofficially says they are working to fix this error with the Wi-Fi, and I have noticed minor improvements to this error, for example, that the signal only drops or fails for a few seconds.


I have asked my friends in school, and all of them also said that their iDevices also constantly drop their signals, when logged into Wi-Fi or 3G Networks, just to prove that it's not just my devices.


I use T-Mobile Deutschland as my network carrier, and use a Time Capsule Wireless (latest generation (1TB)), as my Wireless router has a very weak signal strength. I use Vodafone Deutschland as my Internet Provider, and they have a very excellent service, with a very good average download speed of 16000 kBit/s and an upload speed of 2000 kBit/s.


If you should know anything, please feel free to give me an answer, as I will gladly read through those.


Thanks for reading, Max.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, 64GB Black