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I'm editing a short film in final cut pro 5 and I have interlaced footage. I was wondering if the de-interlace filter in final cut will lower the quality of the video once rendered, exported and displayed on tvs and computers. Another question is if the interlacing in even noticeable after burned to a disk.

Final cut pro 5
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    Deinterlacing reduces the vertical resolution by one-half, so yes, quality will be reduced.   For DVD delivery or for viewing on TV, I would not recommend deinterlacing.  For web delivery, deinterlace as part of the export process.



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    Thank you, You saved from longer rendering.

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    I'm wondering if someone can help me with this issue. I have a 24p timeline ready to go and whenever I try rendering to 30p Apple Pro Res HQ I keep running into the same issue, for some reason it stops rendering and the quicktime plays just fine but bthen I notice that it is exactly 10 mins short. I tried re-editing a new job and using different hard drives and the end result is the same every time, it stops rendering and finishes the job at the exact same spot. I tried looking for markers, edit points and nothing, the project looks clean. Any ideas on what's wrong with my system?





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    Best to post this question in a new thread.