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When activating flex time on an audio track it looks like Logic goes by whatever tempo is currently active for the project to define what the original tempo is for that region of audio. Is there a way to tell Logic that the region has a different tempo after it has already been scanned with flex time?


I ask this because on occasion I will mix radio shows that use whole songs and I mix them in time to move with tempo changes for various songs. Sometimes I will be off by a small percentage as to what the actual bpm for a song is when activating flex time on a track. Because that is off, it won't match what the project tempo really is. I will then have to rename the original audio file to make Logic think it's a different file and then re-do the process with flex time. I would like to be able to change the source tempo for the region that has already been flex timed so that I won't have to keep re-importing the same audio to rescan it again and again with flex time.

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    Anyone at all know if there's a way?

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    I've been dealing with this today.


    I needed to go from 87bpm to 89bpm. Set the tempo to 89bpm and turned flex time on and of course realized that I had to be in 87 for it to lock properly to the grid. I unticked the flextime box and went back to 87 and everything stretched. I then deleted all the markers (as there was not a rescan option) which solved the stretch issue but as there is no option to rescan I can't get any markers up. This upsets me deeply. This is about to give me an ulcer..


    There needs to be an option to rescan for transient markers.

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    Sounds like you need something like identify beat in Pro Tools to determine what the bpm of your songs are. I don't know if there is something similar to this in Logic. Does anyone else?

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    I figured out how to do it.



    Erase all transient markers, then at the top of the arrange there is "Global Tracks". In "Global Tracks" there is a "Beat Mapping" option. The "Beat Mapping" option has a "Detect" button that will rescan the audio.