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Starting what we call in the Rocket world as a "Build Thread".


Task is to create a one minute promo video for a Scouting Training activity.  What I have so far is about 5 Gb of .avi files (about 100) which I shot with my Nikon D90, and about 2,000 still of which probably 50 are really usable.


Jobs for me:

1) Finish the one minute script (Voice over) and have it recorded and sent back to me on an audio file.  (or DIY)

2) Transfer the video files to MPG via stream clip [Question for the group here]

3) Use pencil and paper to create a screenplay out line, notionally outlining, audio & video, and begin the text and copy placement.


4) really think about these snippets in my head and think about how they tie together and what the message is and what i want the viewer to DO after watching this.


Ok for now my question for the Board is:


When using the Streamclip converter, do I a)  Export to QT?  b) I just go ahead anccept the defaults?  when I max out the Quality slider, it makes the files HUGE. unsure if that is necessary. c) which compression. Default is Apple Motion JPEG A. ( thought JPEG was a still.)


Thanks All



iMac 27 i5 Mid 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.8), FCE 4.0.1 Nikon D90