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Starting what we call in the Rocket world as a "Build Thread".


Task is to create a one minute promo video for a Scouting Training activity.  What I have so far is about 5 Gb of .avi files (about 100) which I shot with my Nikon D90, and about 2,000 still of which probably 50 are really usable.


Jobs for me:

1) Finish the one minute script (Voice over) and have it recorded and sent back to me on an audio file.  (or DIY)

2) Transfer the video files to MPG via stream clip [Question for the group here]

3) Use pencil and paper to create a screenplay out line, notionally outlining, audio & video, and begin the text and copy placement.


4) really think about these snippets in my head and think about how they tie together and what the message is and what i want the viewer to DO after watching this.


Ok for now my question for the Board is:


When using the Streamclip converter, do I a)  Export to QT?  b) I just go ahead anccept the defaults?  when I max out the Quality slider, it makes the files HUGE. unsure if that is necessary. c) which compression. Default is Apple Motion JPEG A. ( thought JPEG was a still.)


Thanks All



iMac 27 i5 Mid 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.8), FCE 4.0.1 Nikon D90
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    Quicktime is a file container that supports a whole host of codecs.


    Your camera records in a very highly compressed format that is not intended to edited. For work in FCE, you need to convert your video material to AIC. This process converts the long GOP of the compressed format to an all "I" frame format. Because each frame now has complete information, the overall file will be much larger. No way around it.



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    You need to convert the D90 video clips to QuickTime.  Assuming you shot an HD format you would select Apple Intermediate Codec as the compression scheme.  You should be able to leave all the other MPEG Streamclip settings at their default, just raise the Quality slider and also check the Frame Size in the export dialog to make sure it matches what you shot (eg 1920x1080). And yes, the resulting files are going to be big.  Expect something like 45GB/hour of video.


    MPEG Streamclip has a batch convert mode, so you don't have to do this one file at a time.  But do try converting 1 or 2 files at first, just to make sure the results are good before you batch convert a whole bunch of clips.


    In FCE you will need to use one of the AVCHD Easy Setups that matches the frame size & frame rate of your video files (probably 1920x1080i60 if you are in the US).  Don't worry about selecting an AVCHD easy setup;  in your case it just sets FCE to expect QuickTime/Apple Intermediate Codec video files.  Select the easy setup first, then create a new Sequence, then import your converted files and build/edit your video in the new Sequence.


    (FYI, Motion JPEG is a video codec that uses the JPEG compression algorithm.  MJPEG is used in many digital point & shoot cameras for video.)

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    Thanks Martin R.  Yes I am in the US and will run a test and then the whole pile. thanks for the precise direction.



    I will keep you posted as to how it turns out and the next steps.... like what format i should request my voice over file.





    p.s. just used the batch mode to do 90+ clips. so far so good.

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    If you are recording the voiceover in another app, you need to save it as AIFF, 16-bit (aka 48KHz) mono or stereo.  That's what FCE expects audio files to be.

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    ok writing (muddling through) the script ...and a coupl eof things occurred to me:


    1) What is best way to create music bed

         a) Garage band or just have someone record some instrumental. (thinking mandolin at this point)


    2) How to convert into FCE friendly file?


    3) is there a converter which creates AIFF files?

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    You ask, "3) is there a converter which creates AIFF files?"


    Try audacity, Freeware



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    Ok so for the next step i am going to learn more about using my iMAC microphone so i can lay down a practice vocal track.

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    OK so now the time has come to put things together. I have stills and video just need to put my FCE brain back together ...and then take it from there.  I should make the sound bed first or visual first.... let me think on that.


    suggestions welcome.

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    Ok i have 98 video clippets and need to discard the baddies and label for use the ones which are usable.  I think i will just rename (?) the ones i want to use.


    These  have already been run through MPEG  Stream clip.

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    Ok new Question. My videos which i have imported to FCE are 1920 x 1080. when i look at them in the VEIWER,  i have to reduce the percentage in prder to see the whole video.

    How do i make the videos so i will be able to use them (edit them) at full screen reduces into the FCE svcreen and end product?




    I just re-read Martins input above response.


    1920 x etc.


    Time to back track a little bit.


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    i have to reduce the percentage in prder to see the whole video.


    The Viewer is display only, meaning changing the Viewers size changes nothing else, it simply dispalys at a different size.


    At the top of the Viewer about the middle you will see a button (000%) select Fit to Window and it will display to suit.

    Same deal for the Canvas.


    Make sure you start a New Project with the correct Easy Setup selected to match the clips.



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    Ok i am setting IN and OUT points on my usable clips, and it would appear that i have at leat one clip in which there are 2 usable sections.  Do I:


    Import another copy with a different filename, and set new In and Out on that?


    or something else.


    getting there slowly.

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    Now am working the music Bed...how to get from Garage Band to FCE.I will look around. but your input is welcome.

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    Thanks to all who have helped  Good guidance.


    Here it is...