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I have 2 playlists on my ipod classic that show the songs and duration but do not play. how? The songs are downloaded golden oldies and are all in the wav format

iPod classic
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    To add to this info: I have heaps of playlists on my ipod and they all work fine apart from these two. I have added one song again under a different name and copied it into 2 different playlists. The song does not play in either of these playlists.  However it plays OK in itunes. So it is not a playlist problem but a song problem. Somehow ipod does not seem to like these old songs. Could this be age discrimination?

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    What is your iPod firmware number as shown in the iTunes summary page?

    iPod doesn't discriminate old songs, I got thousands of them but in MP3 format, within the iPod Compatible codec  list.

    Refer to this Apple Support document,



    WAV format with no compression is not supported by iPod, it can play in iTunes, but the codecs are not in iPod. You also have to be aware of sampling rates, the highest is 44.1kHz.


    and check the differences between those songs that can play and those that can't, it is more efficient to convert these songs into MP3 format using iTunes.

    Unless you are a classical music audiophile, the sound quality would be acceptable.

    To convert a song's file format:

    1. Open iTunes Preferences.
      Windows: Choose Edit > Preferences.
      Mac: Choose iTunes > Preferences.
    2. Click the General button, then click the Importing Settings button in the second section of the window.
    3. From the Import Using pop-up menu, choose the encoding format that you want to convert the song to, then click OK to save the settings.
    4. Select one or more songs in your library, then from the Advanced menu, choose one of the following (The menu item changes to show what's selected in your Importing preferences):


      • Create MP3 version
      • Create AAC version
      • Create AIFF version
      • Create WAV version
      • Create Apple Lossless version

    The song in its original format and the newly converted song appear in your library.

    Have a nice day

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    I don't know what a firmware number is but my serial number is 8K125Q0M9ZU. I bought it new last year. I read the Apple support document which said that ipod does not support compressed wav formats. I found that the songs that did not work had indeed the compressed wav format. I followed your conversion rules but the mp3 songs did not work either. Then I took them all through the NCH wavepad sound editor and changed them to the uncompressed wav format. This took just over half an hour. Wiped both playlists and all their songs off the music list and reimported the new versions. And now none of my playlists work. The only other thing I did was to set itunes to manual syncing. This did not seem to work very well so I set it back to automatic syncing. I must have done something wrong but have no idea what it could be. Help!!

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    When you open iTunes, with the iPod connected, you can see the iPod firmware number in the summary page.

    The serial number does not tell me if you have updated the iPod software to run codec for WAV, MP3 etc.

    If you cant play MP3, then perhaps bring it in to Apple Store for the genius to have a look at your problem.

    Then I took them all through the NCH wavepad sound editor and changed them to the uncompressed wav format.

    As stated in the document, uncompress WAV format is not supported by iPod Classic, so your new playlist wont work.

    Can you try using your NCH to convert to MP3 format with max 44.1 KHz sampling rate.

    Have a nice day!

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    Sorry to be a pain. The Summary page shows that the ipod software version is 2.0.4 and is up to date. Can't see a firmware number.

    The Apple document states that wav with compression is an incompatible codecs. Apart from the 2 playlists in question all my music was uncompressed wav format and it worked fine. But I must have done something in itunes that stuffed it all up because now nothing plays.

    The NCH Wavepad sound editor gives the option of setting the sample rate for wav files but not for mp3 files. You can set the bitrate (default is 128) but I don't know what that means so I leave it alone.

    I could reset ipod and sync again but that may not solve the problem.

    Earlier ipod was ejected automatically as soon as a sync had finished but now I get a message that ipod must be ejected before disconnecting. I don't know if this could be a clue to my problem.

    I will take the ipod to the Apple store but am not very impressed with the geniusses (or is it genii?) there.



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    Thanks, 2.0.4 is the number, it is the latest iPod software uopdated in the firmware.

    As long as you see the "OK to disconnect" screen on the iPod, it is ok to unplug, or else, eject it via windows or iTunes. If for some reason it is unplug while showing the "Do Not Disconnect", you will have to Restore the iPod as the filesytem would have been corrupted.


    Ok try converting to MP3 with 128 kbps bitrate, which is no problem for the iPod with 2.0.4 firmware, which support upto 320 kbps.


    This will save you Gigabytes of space or at least 50% of your current music database.


    Sorry, I forgot to ask, what is your iTunes version, as it suppose to convert WAV to MP3 for iPod with no problems.

    Refer to this article



    Have a nice day!

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    I went to the Apple shop with my ipod and a nice young lady just did a reset and Whacky-do it works and all my songs including the golden oldies are playing. I retract everything I said about the geniusses in the Apple shop.

    Thanks for your help. You set me on the right path.



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    Yep, my apology, I suggested that for all other post this week, except yours.

    I must remember that and must not assume that everyone will do the Reset first before posting.

    Anyway thanks for the points.

    Have a nice day!