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Ok. You know how when 2 iphone/apple users are texting and both have the same software update with the Icloud that their conversation bubbles in the text message are grey and blue. Grey being what they sent you and Blue what you sent them. Furthermore, when you are texting a non-iphone/apple user the conversation bubbles are Grey*what they sent you* and Green*what you sent them*


Now my fiance switched from her iphone 3gs to a Droid just 2 days ago.

I have a 3gs as well and we have noticed if I or her friends using an Iphone send a text message to her and it shows up on our phones as a blue conversation bubble *as if she still has her iphone* she does not receive our texts. But if our phones send her a text and they come up as a green conversation bubble, she gets them..



any idea on how to fix this to where all of our texts we send to her come up as a normal Green conversation bubble since she is no longer an iphone user.

We are constantly busy and need to be in contact with each other.



iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1