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I need help figuring out the correct way to redirect my iWeb/Mobileme hosted podcast. Is all hope lost?

MacBook Pro
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    In order to redirect iTunes to a new feed you have to add a special tag to the original feed: the method is described in detail here:




    iWeb is a particular problem because it doesn't allow you direct access to the feed. You can get round this:


    • Locate the feed on your iDisk and download it to your Mac.
    • Open it in TextEdit in PLAIN TEXT mode, not Rich Text which is often the default.
    • Add the tag as explained in the link above.
    • Save the feed. TextEdit will ask if you want to add .txt on the end - don't let it.
    • Upload the feed to your iDisk. replacing the original.
    • Do not make any more amendments to that feed in iWeb.


    Subscribers will change as soon as they check the feed: the Store will take a few days to catch up/

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    Thanks Roger this is uncouraging. I went into my iDisk and I found two things. A folder called Istvan's site that opened to a folder called Blog to a file called rss.xml. This file would not open after I downloaded it. The other thing in the same location was a file called sites.rss that I was able to open. I'm hoping that is the one I need to change. Is it?


    The very start of the code has the channel and item tags like you mention in your instructions. Here it is:


    <?xml version="1.0"?>

    <rss xmlns:admhp="http://www.apple.com/DotMac/Homepage" version="2.0">








    If in fact this is the file I need to alter do I replace the three lines between the two tags with my new location? Or do I do something else? Why do I feel like I'm about to cut the wrong wire? Thanks Roger.

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    That's not it. What is the IRL of the feed that you submitted to iTunes? alternatively, what is the URL of your iTunes Store page? (control-click on the podcast image and choose 'Copy URL').

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    I'm not sure what IRL is Roger. Can you explain? The URL is: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/istvans-imaginary-podcast/id436956496

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    URL(fat finger syndrome).


    Your feed is at http://www.istvansongs.com/Istvan/Podcast/rss.xml


    this means that the path in your iDisk is Web/Sites/Istvan/Podcast/rss.xml


    If you like to post the URL of the new feed I can amend the file and make it available to you.

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    Found it! I'd love to pass on the new feed but right now I'm working on a Wordpress site, which is very new to me, and I'm working with a temporary URL while it's under construction. So I don't think it's currently the correct URL. I'm actually worried that once I transfer the istvansongs.com domain name it's going to screw all my media URL's up. I hope that's not the case. This has been a small ordeal.


    What I was going to do was get the site finished, posibly this weekend, and then redirect the domain and see if things still work. Then finally do the podcsat fix and  cross my fingers.


    Getting to the sites rss is a big deal. Thank you again. I think I need to bite the bullet and make the domain switch next before I can move forward.

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    This just in. I had emailed Apple at the address you had included in the link you sent and I got a response today. Here's what they wrote:




    When you are ready to switch feeds, feel free to write here with your new URL.  Also, please forward the iTunes Store URL of your podcast.

    To get the iTunes Store URL, right click or option click on the title in iTunes Store.


    Would this be the best way to go about the change or should I try doing it myself? I think you mentioned people reporting the iTunes staff not following through on some of these change requests.

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    Adding the tag is the official method. It used to be that they wouldn't co-operate on changing the feed, even when people had lost control of the original, but more recently they've helped a couple of people so it may be the've had a change of policy. As they've encouraged you to do it, I should g.o for it. If it doesn't work, you have the instructions for the old method to fall back on. You've got until June anyway.

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    Good idea. I'll do that Roger. I had one more question but this might not be the proper forum. Who are the Goons? My podcast is music oriented but most of the ones I listen to are comedy. I've heard their name mentioned as an influence but I've never thought to look them up. I saw you wrote a book.

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    The Goon Show was a radio comedy series that ran on BBC radio from 1951 to 1960 - the humour was very off-the-waal and surreal and it was a huge influence on a lot of comedians as well as impressionable young teenagers like myself.


    My book is out of print, so I can only refer you to Wikipedia as second-best



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    Hi Roger. Just wanted to let you know my web site was moved and the podcast is working. Thank you again for your help. There is a little mention of you on the site.