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My Ipad had this issue last december to january. my ipad would randomly shut down (as in off) and it would take for ever to turn it on. pushing the on button would not work so i have to hold the home and on button at the same time (reset). some times i have to wait a couple of hours and sometimes I have to leave it overnight. I dont think its the battery as it is always has plenty of life left on them when it shuts down. and when i do manage to turn it on the battery will be the same percentage as when it shuts down i.e. 80%.


I called apple for help and all they can say is to connect it to the computer and reset the ipad. I told them that its not possible as the ipad wont even turn on. so they say once I manage to turn it on then i should update the software. so it did that and update the software but the problem did not go and it will still randomly shut down. but for some reason after changing the ipad cover with non magnetic flaps the symptoms disappear. so thought the magnet from the cover is making this problem so i dont use covers with magneting flaps anymore and then the problem disappear for a couple of months until yesterday


the problem has come back again but now im still using a non magnet flap cover. the ipad shut down last night but i was too sleepy to try and turn it on again so i left it and decided to go to sleep thinking that it should be ok when i wake up (i left it charge over night just to make sure its not a battery issue). the following day I spent the whole day trying to turn it on but this time its not turning on anymore.


can anyone help me with this? what should i do?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    I suggest you show it to an Apple Store Genius before the warranty expires.  If the Genius can not fix it, you may get a replacement iPad.


    If there is no Apple Store near you, look for an Apple Authorized Repair Center.  There may be one in your city.  <Apple Authorized Repair Centers>



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    Surprisingly, I am having the same problem.  Like you, I started encountering this issue around the same time (Jan.) and also thought it had to do with the magnetic case I was using.  I stopped using the case, and it seemed as though the problem had been fixed.  I eventually started using the case again and it was working just fine.  A few days ago, I began having the same problem, and now, even if I don't use the case, the iPad is still shutting down randomly and I have to reboot it in order for it to start again (sometimes taking a minute or two to get up and running).  Please let me know if you find out how to resolve this issue.  The iPad is currently running on the most updated software version.  Please help.   Thanks.

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    Hi Kuch17,


    Unfortunately the problem was not resolved. I brought it to aplle store so they can have a look but they could not turn it on either. so after 30mins of testing it and trying to turn it on they decided to just give us a new unit. they could not diagnose what the problem was. im quite lucky as my unit was under a year old but it might have been a different story if it was over a year old. if yours is still under a year bring it to genius bar near you. they might just replace it. good luck

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    Hai guys, i'm having exactly the same problem. I've tried everything, clean restore, update etc but to no avail.My ipad 2 is out of warranty, is there a fix for this or is it a hardware failure?

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    Chances are your iPad needs a repair.  If you search the web, you may find an independent iPad repair center nearby.  The independent centers will probably be less expensive than the Apple Authorized Repair Centers.


    One thing you can try, is to reset (reboot) the iPad.  Hold both its Home and Sleep buttons for several seconds until the Apple logo appears.  Ignore the "Slide to power off" arrow.  The iPad will restart after a couple of minutes.  Resetting this way will not hurt anything, and sometimes clears up mysterious problems.



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    i've tried hard reset, when i hold the home and sleep button simultaniously, the ipad went blank and shut down. Yesteday i tried turning off the auto lock, auto sleep etc. It appears that the problem only occurs when my ipad is in sleep mode because during the 3 hours that i didnt turn off the display, the ipad works perfectly.


    Couple of minutes when i put it in sleep mode, it died. The only way to turn it on, is by holding home+sleep button. And it alway took a couple of tries.


    Another thing, i notice when i want to auto restart the ipad (during restore etc), it fails.  Have to manually start the ipad using home+sleep

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    Hello, I'm experiencing the same thing with my iPad2 as you are, it just started about a month ago.  Did you ever get a solution?  When it's in sleep mode it will not wake up sometimes. The battery is fully charged so it's not a battery issue. 

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    I too, am having a similar issue. I will walk away from my IPad 2 while it is turned on and running. It shuts down periodically. I have to use "Hard Reset" it to get it to come back on. Battery is good. No longer under warranty. Non magnetic case. Has there been a real solution found yet?

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    Michele and Gapebbles-


    It is normal for the iPad to go to sleep when there is no activity for a period of time set by Settings-General-Auto Lock.  The default is 5 minutes if you have not changed it.


    It is not normal to require extreme measures to wake it up!  If the Reboot does not help, then there may be a problem that needs repair.  (I just tried rebooting, and it took around 20 seconds for the Apple logo to appear.)


    Another possible problem might be that the charge percentage is in error, resuilting in a discharged battery when the percentage shown is still relatively high.  To calibrate the battery monitor, use the iPad until the battery runs down and stops working.  Then use its Wall Charger to fully charge it.  (Using your computer's USB port to charge the iPad can take an extremely long time.)