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  • Morgan Adams1 Level 1 (30 points)

    The "where" seems very likely to simply be a local thumbnail cache being misused/uncleared when it should be cleared. The "why" question--why is it still not fixed? is more bizarre!


    It's really two things that need to be solved, as I see it:


    1. When a photo is deleted, it's thumbnail needs to NOT be retained anywhere!


    2. Even if they fix that, all the OLD pre-fix thumbnails need to be purged so they can never re-appear months later they way they've been doing. Some kind of one-time corrective action. (Might even be a matter of re-synching your photos or something, rather than Apple writing code to execute one time and perform the clean-up.)


    I just did some tests (using both a deleted screenshot and a deleted photo, and a couple transparent PNGs saved from Safari) on an iPad 2 running iOS 7.0.2, and can confirm the problem is NOT fixed.


    But it acts differently now:


    I no longer see the deleted photos showing through thumbnails in the main "big thumbnail" view (when you first enter the Photos app. Those, at least, are clean, unlike before.


    BUT... if you select an image (transparent PNG) to view alone, look below it: the strip of mini-thumbnails at the bottom (or just one, if it's a single-image "moment") shows the same old problem.


    And although this thumbnail is seen smaller, on a retina display it's still got plenty of useable detail--easily captured by taking a screenshot that can be sent anywhere and zoomed in. In fact the image is recognizable even on my non-retina iPad, expecially with a PNG with enough holes.


    How recognizable is a problem? ANY retained image data that can be SO easily extracted is a problem. It's enough for an abusive spouse to see you saved a map to your divorce lawyer, or an employer to see you took a photo of the hospital where you're being treated, a dictatorship to see you were at a protest rally, or a secret stalker to know where your kids go to school. Having an (optional) passcode or TouchID doesn't make this unimportant: you might even HAND your iPad to someone to show them something. Doesn't mean you want them to have a 20-second method to see your deleted photos.

  -- give them detail on what triggers this privacy flaw, and hope they start paying attention.

  • musicallycrusified Level 1 (0 points)

    Even i seem to have the same problem. This is lame. Sucha big company not addressing such a critical security flaw.

  • Ramon Suthers Level 1 (0 points)

    That did the trick (IFunBox) I went to the photo data folder and deleted what was in the "Caches" folder as well as what was in the "Thumbnails" folder (Backed them all up to my computer first. Even deleted the configuration file). My thumbnails didn't show up, so I re-booted the ipad (Hold down power and home button until it resets) BINGO!


    I wanted to post this for people who may be looking for this in the future (Seems Apple neglects stuff like this)

  • AddisonMeow Level 1 (0 points)

    I had a similar situation. I am into photo editing and like to use transparent images for such editing in other apps. When I finally find and save the transparent image (which isn't as easy as it used to be on ios6) it 'resurrects' an old photo I've deleted from a while ago and uses it as the 'base' for the transparent image. It's frustrating. Ios6 didn't do that to me. I understand that photo editing should be done on more appropriate software but I'm staying within budget of a high school soon-to-be college student.  I don't know if there is an explanation or if there is maybe some way to fix it or even if they plan on fixing it. I am just really unhappy with it. My OCD kicks in.

  • Jlbugs Level 1 (0 points)

    I just encountered this problem on an iPhone 4S with iOS 7.0.4. I saved a transparent png to my camera roll and when I view the thumbnail for it, it has a long-deleted photo in the background. I'll add that it was particularly important for this photo to be gone, and it's upsetting to see that it somehow still existed somewhere.


    Please fix this - it is a BAD security issue.

  • QuintusPRE Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow! This is happening on both my iPad Air and my iPad Mini Retina.  I am using Paper and whenever you try to save to camera roll (with background colour turned off in settings), you see a thumbnail of a previously deleted photo.  When I click the photo to enlarge it, I see the picture for a second and then it goes black and the thumbnail appears at the bottom with the deleted photo as the background.


    This is a SERIOUS glitch.  Apple, please fix this!

  • gto49us Level 1 (0 points)

    This was reported almost TWO YEARS AGO, under previous operating systems and older hardware. Since it continues to plague users, I'm afraid APPLE does not think this is a serious issue/problem!

  • Red savage Level 1 (0 points)

    I can bring back over 100 previously deleted photos Easley  by useing a photo editing app adobe touch for instance creating a png and then duplicating it 6 times , then I export all 6 png pics I created numerous times and when I open the camera roll I can see all 100 thumb nails of deleted photos (or how ever many png's I've exported) I did this not to long ago just to see how many and I think the number was around 150, before the png's stopped showing deleted images they just started showing black backgrounds. This I noticed back on my iphone 3s and threw to my 5s.

  • Kneil31 Level 3 (620 points)

    Hold the home and power button down to restart. Also you can get Phone Clean which deletes the cache from your device.

  • Red savage Level 1 (0 points)

    Oh I should say that I haven't sync'd my phone with iTunes yet,  I've had my 5s for about three weeks now, so the thumbnail glitch is the ios or memory of the phone that holds onto them not iTunes, I guess when I sync with iTunes the thumbnails will be there to.

  • knaive Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey, I can confirm that this has been happening to me too, since only recently, though I've only very recently been importing images with transparent alphas (in my case it's happening with animated GIFs, so it's not a PNG-only issue but rather an issue related to how the photo album handles alphas in its thumbnails).


    Also, in my case, it's both new and old photos being "resurrected" this way; some are probably 6+ months old, and some from about a week ago. My guess is that if I were to import more images with alphas, I'd see many more resurrections as so far every image with transparency has had a different, deleted photo placed as its backdrop in the thumbnail.


    Another quirk to my case is that I've never synced my device to iTunes, ever. So the syncing process isn't where the problem occurs.


    I'm using in iPhone 5, with iOS 7.0.4 (11B554a), and can replicate the issue at-will and, as far as I can tell, is impossible to avoid when viewing thumbnails of animated GIFs (and indeed probably all images with alpha transparency) in the photo album.


    It goes without saying that this really is a huge potential security issue; people tend to delete photos they don't want to see again, haha.

  • Morgan Adams1 Level 1 (30 points)

    I hesitate to even ask... has this been fixed as of iOS 8 (8.1)?


    (I'm not an early adopter, but I'll test it eventually.)

  • matinovich Level 1 (0 points)

    This is STILL occurring 3 years later... just happened to me on iOS 8.2 in an almost incredibly embarrassing way.

    As someone mentioned, when I delete a picture, I want it GONE!

    I'm surprised this hasn't been fixed, is Apple reading massive privacy issue?

  • Morgan Adams1 Level 1 (30 points)



    And Mail (since iOS 8) has a similar issue, which is if anything worse. This happen on devices where Mail can work in Landscape mode--iPhone 6+ anyway, not sure about others:


    View a message in Portrait. Delete it. You think it's in trash and won't pop up unexpectedly? Think again!


    Turn Mail to landscape (even much later) and the message is back! You can read, forward, reply, everything. It's as though Landscape view is an entirely separate app and hasn't been notified of the deletion.


    (You do see the message removed from the message LIST--but in Landscape, there's a message pane next to the list, and that pane still shows the last message, instead of properly clearing when the message is deleted.)

  • Mac__Mike Level 1 (0 points)

    This is incredibly disappointing.  I have been waiting for the new Mac Photos app for months.  I did not want to try the beta for fear of messing up our meticulously maintained photo library, for which we are paying money to have sufficient storage.  Everything I have read about the new Mac Photos app is that it will be "just like your iPad".  As I opened it tonight for the first time, it looked just like our iPad, and I was thrilled.  However, as I watched to my horror, many many photos that we had spent hours deleting from our iPad and iPhones to keep our library clean suddenly started appearing in the Mac Photos app.  What's worse, all those gobs of photos are now back on all of our devices.  What a disaster! (imagine the 13 photos of that flower on our backpacking trip coming back, but x1000).  What a waste of time - now we get the incredibly fun task of going back and re-deleting all these photos.  I have disabled the application on our Mac and as far as I am concerned, the Mac Photos app no longer exists.  I can never afford to open it again.  As soon as I figure out what to do with our movies, it is my intention to no longer use Macs for any of our personal stuff.  iOS devices do a much better job.  I am hoping that the larger iPad Pro is not just smoke & mirrors - that they actually plan to release it.  I will be first in line.  Computers are only really required for professional jobs like programming and CAD.


    What a disappointment.  DropBox is such a great application, but Apple won't let it play as a first class citizen in iOS like its own Photos app, making it too cumbersome to use as our primary photo library.  Maybe someday Android will catch up on usability & polish, and we can jump ship to that - I know they would not impose such artificial boundaries on apps.  Why can't somebody solve this problem?!?  A clean and simple photo library in the cloud.  How hard can it be?

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