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Recently purchased an iPhone 4S and successfully set up iCloud.  Shortly after, I changed my primary email address.  I updated my Apple ID and iTunes is fine when logging on.  iCloud login on iPhone still has previous email address and I can't locate a place to edit it.  Only option I see is to delete the iCloud Account from my iPhone.  Is that what I must do to get this resolved?  What about any new apps or contacts on phone?  Will they be lost if not backed up prior to changing my Apple ID?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, Chg Apple ID in iCLOUD Login Setup
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    Yes you need to delete and log in again using the updated details. Your purchases are related to your store account not your iCloud account and so won't be affected at all. Your contacts etc are in iCloud, if you delete the account they will be removed from the phone (actually you'll get an option to keep them, but you don't want to do that) but added back when you log in again (choose merge if you are given the option)

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    Thanks so much.  That warning message  just gets me every time!