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I find it almost impossible to use drag - two fingered drag or button and drag simply unpredictable and in the case of button and drag awkwardin the extreme

( windows 7 64 bit with Imac 7 and multitouch trackpad and iddy keyboard )


mostly drag is simply not being detected


simply an execrable driver 


on a mac it should just work and the underlying kit is the same everything else works fine


I can't use the shoddy magic mouse because those sharp edges make my fingers sore - and the drivers are just as hopeless.  What on earth are Apple playing at - they should be sooo much better at this.


It's not great even iin Lion


though at least that has a notion of gesture support

please can anyone suggest a decent driver - ?  Otherwise I shall be looking for a refund and shall purchase a decent windows mouse - at least they work on all operating systems

Multitouch trackpad