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my ipad has lost its connection to my wifi network. I have done all the things that Apple recommend ie, turn off ipad, disconnect from network, re set the network, reset the wifi, I have even wiped the ipad and started from scratch!


I have full strength wifi signal but it just doesnt want to connect. I have an ipod touch and iphone all connected to the wifi and they work fine its just the ipad.


Anyone have any idea's?

iPad, iOS 5.0.1
Solved by Ralph Landry1 on Mar 4, 2012 9:01 AM Solved

Sometimes it also helps to power down the router, when you do that disconnect the power cord also as some routers go to standby rather than complete power off.  Power down all devices, computers at that time.  Wait 10-15 minutes then power up the router and give it 10-15 minutes to stabilize and establish its IP address and reset the DHCP server.  Then one at a time power up your devices.  Each should now have a new IP address.