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Hi.  I just realized that I never changed my primary camera's time stamp to DST in November.  Every Image recorded by that camera is off by 1 hour.  (This is not helpful when you are trying to organize Images by solar time.)


To fix this, I selected all Images taken by that camera since the start of DST (11/6/11), and using "Metadata→Adjust Date and Time" I rolled the time back one hour, and checked "Also change Master files".  Four hours later, the operation was done ... with a long list of files that were not changed because they were off-line.  (This list was in a small dialog box.  I could do nothing with the list.)


So I added the additional filter "Off-line", and created an album of the 874 Images that had their time corrected, but not their Masters.


Is there any way, once these Masters are on-line, to correct the time of the Masters?


I considered using "Write IPTC metadata to Masters", but the time is (afaik) in the EXIF and not in the IPTC data set.


I suppose I could push the time back one more hour for all of these, including their Masters, and then pull it forward one hour, not including their Masters, but that is prone to user error -- and this user is _especially_ prone to binary reversals (were we to travel together by car, you would want me to navigate while you steered ).


Thanks in advance.

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