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I have a G5 PPC MAC tower running 10.5.8...when I got the machine, there were SO MANY disk permission errors and two UDF errors on the 500GB disc, I BACKED up evrything using TIME MACHINE and did a FRESH install of OSX LEOPARD 10.5

Here is the problem..NOW my FINAL CUT PRO and MULTITRACK RECORDER and other apps including MICROSOFT OFFICE 2004 iwll not run without prompting me for NAME, ORGANIZATION and SERIAL NUMBERS


I was mistakenly under the impression that THESE APPS with their respective serial no's would be BACKED UP


WHAT SHOULD I DO as I do not have the serials written down NOR do I have the ORIGINAL PROGRAM DISCS


IS THERE A PLACE ON THE Time Machine BACKUPS that have this info


Thank you in advance



PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8), 16 GB DDR 2 memory
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    Hi Matthew, I think most of those things would be stored in User's Library, or the root Library, a few even in System.


    Did you do a complete backup, or just certain folders? Did you do a Full Restore?

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    I am perplexed because I have migrated from old Macs to new Macs several times, including using Time Machine backups to restore from, and I had the exact opposite experience from you -- ALL my software (including MS-Office, Photoshop, other Adobe programs and so forth) kept all the registrations and serial numbers correctly ... I too am wondering if you did a full backup/restore ...


    Anyway, I think I can help you with the Office 2004 issue. You need to find certain files from the old system (e.g. from your backup) and put them into the right places on your new system. Since at least one of these is an invisible file, and I think Spotlight won't find it easily, you can download and use EasyFind

    ( http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/11076/easyfind )

    to search for and find these files if they aren't where I indicate below:


    /Applications/Microsoft Office 2004 (or X)/Office/
        OfficePID (normally an invisible file)

        Carbon Registration Database
        Office Registration Cache
        Microsoft Office Settings


    Get these files from your backup of the old system and put them into the same places in your new system. I THINK this will fix your Office 2004 problem. If it doesn't work, Microsoft has a support phone number to call about lost or misplaced install disks.


    As for Final Cut Pro, here is where Final Cut Studio stores its serial number info, maybe there is something similar for Final Cut Pro:


    Follow this path:  HD >Library >Application Support> ProApps >Final Cut Studio System ID


    Unfortunately, some software "hides" this registration info by putting an obscure invisible file somewhere where one might not think to look. It's to guard against piracy, but it also impedes legally registered users (like you) from doing something legitimate, like move from one computer to another or reinstall.


    I think you can contact each company and explain your situation; I expect they will tell you where the file (or files) is that you need to move over. After all, you're not asking them for a new serial number.

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    I thought I accomplished a FULL BACK UP?

    CAN YOU restore as you goes thru the STAR WARS windows,one application at a time?

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    I at least gotmy Microsoft Office Suite back with serial

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    HDfilmMD wrote:


    I thought I accomplished a FULL BACK UP?

    CAN YOU restore as you goes thru the STAR WARS windows,one application at a time?

    Yes, in principle you can restore anything from the "star wars" like windows.  The challenge might be where the file you need has been made (by the manufacturer of the software) into an invisible file. Not sure you will be able to see it in that star wars interface if it is invisible. There are two ways you might be able to access such invisible files on the Time Machine backup:


    (1) Restore the folder inside of which the invisible file resides. Restore that folder using Time Machine to a temporary location. Then you can look for the invisible file inside that folder using the tool I mentioned earlier, or the Go to folder ... option under the Go menu.


    (2) You may be able to search within the backup disk or volume using Spotlight or Easyfind specifying invisible files, so find the file in its nested location on the backup disk. Then you can copy it over to your main disk where your working files are actually located.


    Others here who know more than I do about Time Machine (such as user Pondini) might be able to offer better suggestions than mine.

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    Even though this is an old thread, I thought this might help as a solution for anyone who comes along later (like I did).


    Just went through the exactly the same experience as the OP after replacing the HD on my old G5 Quad PPC and migrating all the data from Time Machine. FCP asked me to enter my name and Serial numbers and I have no immediate access to the S/N. I checked the path HD >Library >Application Support> ProApps >Final Cut Studio System ID and the file wasn't there. Which would explain why it was asking for my info.


    Here's what I did - I went back into my Time Machine back up and looked in the ProApps file there - bingo. The System ID file was there. Once I copied that over FCP opened without any issues. Don't know why it didn't migrate, but glad it was there.


    Thanks to steve626 for pointing me in the right direction. Saved me a lot of time!

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    Sorry for replying to old thread, but I think somebody who will search for similar topic might find it usefull.


    There is a program called Mac Product Key Finder which can recover serial numbers from a number of apps you've installed.


    Hope you will find it usefull


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