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I'm currently using snow leopard os and i've reinstalled twice within the last 3 months to clean up some security update issues. Prior to the installation, the ichat was working well. I remember it was as simple as opening ichat and connecting automatically and voila, all worked well.


But today, when I opened the ichat, a AOL window opens up and asked for a password. I don't have AOL account.


I opened the preferences and open General and deleted my mac.com account and tried setting up a new account.


Well, when I clicked on Get an ichat account, it brought me to apple website and says:


iChat's "Get an iChat account" no longer works in Mac OS X v10.6.x.


This feature has been replaced by iCloud, which requires OS X Lion v10.7.2 or later.

With OS X Lion, you can use an iCloud account ending in @me.com or @mac.com as your iChat account. A free AIM account can be acquired (or configured) separately at the AIM website.



So, am I reading that ichat doesn't work with snow leopard anymore ???

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    In iChat 4 and iChat 5 there is  a button that says "Get an iChat Account" and did go to different places depending if you selected AIM or @mac.com/MobileMe.


    AIM took you to the AIM registration page (Until they moved it)

    @Mac.com and MobileMe took you here to the @mac.com registration page


    These names still work.

    The issue is if you either set up or change the password so it is more than 16 characters.

    16 Characters is the max size of a Password that AIM servers can handle  (it rejects the whole thing rather than truncates it)


    You will need a separate email address to those you have already used in setting up your previous Apple ID at @mac.com

    (It sort of Hard Links the external email to the @mac.com name and you then cannot use it again to set up a new Apple ID)


    I am not sure why Apple have made this change to iChat 5 particularly as the web Site Registration is still there.


    The Button has disappeared in iChat 6 and the Messages Beta



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