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    But it is how it works. If you had backed up your library you would not have a problem. See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device for a workaround.



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    i can't run it like this because i don't use itunes. as i understand it, if i used itunes i can't use my purchases on my other, non-apple music players. i typically buy mp3s from amazon or the bands themselves so i can use winamp or my older players (i mountain bike and don't want to ride around with my phone attached to my arm where it can get damaged). i appreciate the help, but i've spent hours on trying to find a way around this. no drag-and-drop is an apple fail, in that it seems they want all the traffic on itunes. from the link you sent:


    Recover other media

    iTunes only permits the transfer of iTunes Store purchases. If your device contains other media that you've ripped from CD or downloaded from other online stores you can either go back to the original sources or use third party software to extract your data from your device. There is a list of some of the software available below.




    Backup your library

    For the future you should backup your library to a separate hard drive or network share as restoring a backup is much easier than the process above. The user tip Backup your iTunes for Windows library with SyncToy gives a suggested way of doing this effectively for Windows users. Mac owners can make use of Time Machine, or use Carbon Copy Cloner which does a similar job to SyncToy.


    so i risk losing my contacts, calander iems, etc., just to add one album. and i should back all my iphone data to an external device, where all my mp3s are already? this is stupid. again, thanks for the help, but drag and drop trumps all the '17 steps, back up, use outside software' steps every time.

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    You risk losing all your data if you don't routinly backup your iOS device. You can omit steps you don't need. 1, 2, 3 and 6 probably gets you covered. 3 & 6 are the key to getting this new iTunes library recognised as the home library for the device. For reasons unknown even a manually managed iPhone can only be managed from the home library. You and I might wish it were otherwise but there it is. However you should be able to get to the stage where you can add more media without losing any data if you use the approach I've suggested.



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    yeah i totally agree.

    Crippling phone and software capibilites is not cool. my next phone will DEFINITELY be an android.

    Apple take your head out your a*s and hands out (y)our wallet(s).

    Or... if you want to lose more customers, continue.

    No wonder why your stocks are down.

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    I have an iPhone4S.  I have checked "Manually manage music and videos" on the Summary tab, viewed in iTunes.


    I have added 2 videos that I recorded into my iTunes Library (as "TV Shows").  I then drag those two from the Library and drop them onto the iPhone device.  They do show up there (under the "TV Shows" in the left sidebar), but not when I click the "TV Shows" at the top of the center window (which I expect since I'm not using Sync to manage things).


    However, when I disconnect the iPhone, I cannot find those 2 TV Shows to play them.  I used to be able to find them in the "Video" app.  In fact, that's where I find such videos on my iPad.  But now I only see the option to PURCHASE movies, videos, etc. in the Video app (or the iTunes app) on my iPhone.


    How can I access the videos on my iPhone to play them? 


    (I can, BTW, play them from the phone, in iTunes when it's docked to my computer, so I know the movies are playable videos.  But, obviously, that's not the way I want to view videos on an iPhone!!)


    FWIW, it's not that the "TV Shows" category is special in this way.  I also drag videos classified as "Movies" into my Library and then from there onto my iPhone.  And these also show up in the iTunes view (when viewed from my computer) but I cannot access them via the Video app on the iPhone.  All I see are Videos that I can purchase from the Store.

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    Darn right! Stupid Apple people making this rules!

    CaRNage209ws wrote:


    we on the same boat its kinda ****** me off that i gotta delete everything jus to add some new songs

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    For me what I did was : I choosed the song I wanted and placed them onto a playlist in my music library. Then I went onto my iPhone and clicked on my music tab and there should be a tab on the bottom that says autofill from : _______ ? then you click it to the playlist you have created and click autofill and your songs will go into your phone.

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    I was having problems adding and deleting individual songs from my iPhone 4S through iTunes, but then went to "on this phone", summary, unclicked Auto Sync and clicked Manually Manage music and videos.. and now I can simply click the song I don't want on my iPhone and press delete. I can also add songs or albums by simply dragging them from my music folder on my PC to the top left corner of iTunes that says Music under - My iPhone.. hope this helps.

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    This is what you do... you don't have to synch anything or delete anything.  Add whatever song you want to the iTunes library.   Click on the song and you will see a  play icon, a shuffle icon, and a ... icon.  Click on the ... icon then click on "add to" and your device should appear on a list... click on your device and BOOM it's in.   For videos... add whatever video you want to your iTunes library, right click it and select "add to playlist" then select your device.  BOOM done.


    The fact that you can't drag and drop is absurd... also this synching business is extremely annoying and silly.  If an apple person sees this PLEASE CHANGE THAT. 

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    DonQuixote112687 wrote:

    ,,,The fact that you can't drag and drop is absurd...

    Hmmm...  I only use drag and drop to add music (mainly podcasts and audiobooks) and videos to my 2 iPhones and 2 iPads.  No problems.  In fact, I add videos that are NOT even in iTunes by simply dragging and dropping onto the iPads (as viewed in iTunes when THEY are connected).

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    Here how I solved it;


    1; got a third party app (Detune)

    2; copied all my music to my mac

    3; synced and erased everything

    4; checked "manualy managing"

    5; drag my music onto the iphone.

    5; recounsidered throuwing any i-product to my i-trash.

    6; bought myself an Android.....

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