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    Well, I signed up with NewMobileMe. It's a web hosting site created especially for iWeb users. The whole process makes it easy for iWeb users like me to make the switch from MobileMe. If you want more information go to

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    Oh not you too!  Have you taken up where the owner left off?


    Think he might have been banned from the forum for spamming as every other post was something to do with NewMobileMe - if you are not careful you'll likely go the same way!

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    The following is FYI: 


    A more knowledgeable person on hosting expressed these concerns regarding NMMe:

    "As far as I can see his service is a straightforward hosting service, the same as a hundred others. It may well be a one-man operation - I wouldn't be surprised if he's selling on webspace from one of the larger services (some provide that facility) - but the whole thing could disappear at some stage if he can't maintain the service. I'd go for one of the major names. I use GoDaddy, but there are plenty of others. There's no real difficulty about publishing from iWeb to another host, though it's easier if you have the latest version"

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    Old Toad, I respect your knowledge of iWeb, MobileMe & web hosting.  You have contributed a lot of good posts to this forum. That’s why I was surprised when your recent post about NewMobileMe was a quote from an un-named expert who was making some pretty vague and unsubstantiated  statements about NMM, like “as far as I can see”, “It may well be”, “I wouldn’t be surprised” “the whole thing could”. How about some facts instead of guesses?


    Since your post is heavy on hearsay and light on facts I’ll provide a few missing details. (1) Yes, we are a simple straight forward hosting service. The whole purpose of NMM is to provide an alternative hosting site for iWeb users, regardless of their experience level. We know there are a lot of people who are not as experienced as you and others on this forum so we created NewMobileMe specifically to make it easy for the less experienced to transition from MobileMe to a new hosting service. Our  service is tailored to iWeb users. And how many of those hundreds of other hosting services out there allow iWeb users to host their site without a domain name? We do. There are thousands of iWeb sites without domain names. We provide a home for them. (2) Our dedicated server is managed by an experienced team of server administrators who are very proud of their long term track record of over 99% up-time. (3) I spent 28 years building a one-man operation into a national company with over 40 people on staff. I sold that business to another company a few years ago and retired at the age of 59. When I saw a need I created NewMobileMe. Could NewMobileMe fail? Could Greece? Kodak? BlackBerry?


    Bottom line... with 84 days left before MobileMe pulls the plug, there are a whole lot of iWeb users out there looking for somewhere to host their sites. NewMobileMe is one option; a risk-free pay-as-you-go option for hosting up to 10 domain names or site names on one $3.50 per month account.


    Tom Reusse, CEO

    NewMobileMe LLC

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    I think the main issue here is that it looks as if photoguy39 & treusse are one and the same person. Using this forum as an advertising platform to further yourself. If indeed your "NewMobileMe" is that great of a service why do you keep spamming here?

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    Hi Tom,  I'm wondering if my gallery slide shows will work on your new NMM.  Also, I wish someone would create an exact replacement for MM galleries...super clean with nothing else added...maybe NMM could also offfer that.  Here's my iWeb minimal artist site ( that I wish I didn't have to alter, after MM goes down.  Best, Mark 

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    The quote was from a restricted portion of the support site where the higher level users can discuss privately any issue they want to shake out. 


    The comment just points out that your service is new and untried and that the size of the organization is unknown as it's ability to survive thru difficult times.  It was not intended to say it is a bad service, just an unknown quantity.  Perhaps you might add what you posted above about the size and breadth of your organizaton so that potential customes can be assured it is an organization with sizeable resoures behind it.  There was nothing along those lines I could find on your site.


    I've pointed out in other posts that your service doesn't require a domain name as other services do which lightens the load when a user has many sites and doesn't want a unique domain name for each site.

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    Mark - This is the kind of question that is best answered off this forum since it involves specific details about your web site. If you go to and send an email I will be glad to respond.


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    Wouldn't that be prudent information about your service that new potential users would find useful. Why wouldn't you answer that here.


    Do you support all the old MobileMe services such as there blog's, RSS, & subscribe features?

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    Jeff, certain features you mention are features of MobileMe that are pinned to iWeb. When MobileMe goes away those features go away in iWeb also. It's been mentioned before on this forum that most, if not all, of the lost features can be added back as ad-ons to iWeb. I'm sure you realize that NewMobileMe is a web hosting service, not an application or widget developer.


    As to your first question, Mark was asking me to comment on specific aspects of his web site. Our dialog involved viewing, analyzing and discussing the methods used to create his site. It is a private, on-going discussion that is between Mark and me.

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    So, what exactly are you contributing to this forum then?

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    Mayby, I should start offering to host people's site at

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    Jeff,  I personally thought someone would come up with an alternative for all of us when the bad MM news came out.  I hate that this happening and wish there was full alternative for all the MM and iWeb users.  Maybe I don't get it, but I don't see anything terrible about what treusse is doing.  Why all the harshness at someone trying to help our abandoned community?

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    Are you another employee of "newmobileme"? I have an issue with someone who's only purpose here in the Apple forum is to sell a cheep knock off of a hosting service. And, has provided no other intellectual feedback or support to other fellow iWeb user's.

    "newmobileme" has no affiliation with Apple provides none of the features lost in MobileMe and, has no Apple specific support. Making it a worse solution than any other 3rd party host some of whom have excellent apple support making it easy for new mac user's to move their site when MobileMe dies. The only people that would fall for this fake MobileMe Hosting are the people most likely to be hurt by this substandard and deceptive service that you are trying to sell.