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I am working between two Macs in my house: the upstairs one is MAC OSX 10.6.8, and the downstairs one (an eMac) is MAC OSX 10.5.8 -- if that matters.


I need to transfer files from the downstairs computer to the upstairs one.


When I insert a USB flash drive into the upstairs Mac, I am able to save files to it and from it. (I have already read about the correct way to format the flash drive for FAT 32 and read/write, and I eject the drive correctly when I'm finished.)


Then when I go insert the flash drive into the downstairs Mac:


  • the flash drive appears on the desktop
  • I'm able to open it, to see the files saved to it
  • I can save files off of it, BUT
  • I cannot save files to it. I get a message that there isn't enough disk space, which is incorrect -- there's plenty of memory


I have tried opening Disk Utilities on both MACs, erasing the flash drive's contents, and reformatting it, but I get the same situation.


I'm guessing the solution is simple and involves the eMac's preferences. Am I on the right track?




Many thanks for your help!