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I keep getting an error message when trying to send mail.  It states: sender address was rejected by server.  I have called my email provider and everything is setup properly according to their requirements.  Why is this happening?  I also have a .me account setup in macmail and am able to send from there no problem. 

Mac mail, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hi Suzieq8,


    See if there's a setting in one of these that needs fixing...


    Mail Preferences>Composing>Sending>Send new Mail from. What SMTP server are you using?


    Mail Preferences>Accounts>Account Information>Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): dropdown>Edit Server List, select the one you want & click Remove Server.

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    Hi BDAqua,


    I am using smtp.ipage.com.  I was on the phone w/ ipage support and everything seems to be setup properly. 


    As per your suggestions above:  Send new mail from was setup for "account of last viewed mailbox"  Is that ok or should it be specified for the email address associated with this issue?


    Also, if I remove server (smtp.ipage.com) then it sends mail from my gmail account, which I don't want.  I want it to come from my ipage account. 

    Hope this makes sense.  Thanks for your assistance.

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    That setting should be OK to Send from last account, but for kicks might try seeing if setting it to ipage does any diff for sending.


    Is SSL checked by any chance?

    Are you getting this SSL popup when you try?




    Are you using any AV Software or Web control SW?

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    I am having the same issue and I didn't change any settings. it has been working fine for two months and all of a sudden today the server is reajecting all of my emails. This doesn't make sense. I have even reentered all of the server outgoing and incoming information and nothing. help?

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    Google for your mail server name outages, see if it's them.


    Can you login to the Webmail for that account using the same info?

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    nah. I can send mail but not receive and there are no outages. i can get webmail and mail on my laptop.

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    Is it gMail perchance?


    Gmail send but not receive...


    Here are two steps that have come in handy in related situations


    1) login to gmail on your computer or device via a web browser


    2) once logged in successfully, go to this URL to unlock:



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    I have this problem too! Just started happening with my main mail account. Never had a problem before.

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    I am having the same problem on my MAC OS X Lion 10.7.5 .  The problem started in January.  I receive the message when sending email "Cannot send message using server x.xxx@q.com. Sender address x.xxx@q.com was rejected".  The first time this happed my service provider was able to fix the problem.  The message reared it's ugly head again on this past Tuesday.  I worked with Apple support for over two hours, my service provider, Century Link for two days.  Mail is configured correctly, Apple scanned my hard drive to see if the problem was with my MAC.  I still am unable to send email via MAC Mail.  I have to go to my service provider's site, Century Link to send mail.  When speaking with a tech support at Century Link, he stated that they did not support Apple Lion.  Any suggestions?  I am almost considering going back to Leapard application to see if that will work.