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My MacBook Pro is getting very hot minutes into my usage.

Mac Pro
  • shldr2thewheel Level 7 (25,865 points)

    Provide a temperature.  What you think is hot may be within perfectly tolerable operating temperatures.  Download iStat to monitor the temperatures if you haven't done so already and respond when you have a temperature, specifically that of the CPU.

  • MittWaffen Level 1 (80 points)

    This is normal for the FLAWED 2011 thermal design.

    You can provide data, but it'll be similar to what I already know you are experiancing.

    Apple CANT fix this, the most is new fans and thermal paste (if you beg them) which will take off 5-6c if your lucky.

    Fans will still make noise, I bet you have a new unit too that doing this.


    I have had my MBP ramp to 5500 RPM on the fan, in class using word, internet (no flash, text based), and youtube tumbnail.


    The whole class stares back at me wondering why im playing video games, or doing somthing im not suppose to be doing while in class.

    Nope just the MBP doing at what it does best, getting WAY WAY to hot for the minor load tasks you put on it only laptop i've ever see do this in the past 13 years.


    15" MBP 2011 = AKA the worst professional tier product Apple has produced to this day (post 1990' era).


    Heat causes noise, discomfort and MASSIVE preformance degradation (throttling).

    You've just experianced the first two, and the third you will find creeping up on you soon enough.


    If i was you, i'd keep on apples case about the heat and noise, because its unacceptable for a PROFESSIONAL tool to behave so UNPROFESSIONAL (We payed well over twice the price of PC grade laptops, and they dont make anywhere near as much noise with similar hardware). I can imagine people who record instruments off microphones, picking up the macbook in the background hissing away...

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    MittWaffen: Instead of continuing to post your alarmist screeds here on a daily basis, why don't you get your machine fixed? What you are seeing is not the norm.

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    MittWaffen wrote:


    This is normal for the FLAWED 2011 thermal design.


    Please provide proof from a reputable source stating that the design is infact flawed and not based on your opinion.  Otherwise, your claim holds no weight.