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Recently I've noticed something on my iPhone.  Maybe it's been there all along, who knows.  But here's the deal: if I buy an album on iTunes for Mac, and sync my iPhone, the album on he phone looks bizarre:



As you can see, there's a duplicate of each track, with a circle icon.  If I try and play this circle icon, it tells me I need to be connected to WiFi or something.


Points of note:

1. Under "Store" in the iPhone settings, I've turned off automatic downloads of everything.  I found that if this was enabled, my iPhone would download new music and would get a second copy sync'd by iTunes.  Fail for iTunes/iPhone recognising the same album I guess..?

2. Every so often, my iPhone is now asking me for my Apple ID password - no special reason I can see,it just pops up and asks me.  This might be related.

3. I haven't purchased/turned on iTunes Match anywhere (iCloud).


I'm wondering if it's got spectacularly confused somewhere, if it thinks maybe it should be streaming this album from my Mac, or downloading it from the Store, even if it's already got a copy.


How can I make it stop?  It's annoying in the extreme.  Sure, it's not as bad as not having food on the table, pretty much a first world problem,but not what I'd expect from the thing.  I'm happy to blow the device away and restart it as a fresh iPhone, not quite sure how to do that, but I'm open to all suggestions that might show how to fix the problem.



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7), 15" 2.2GHz