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hey so my MBP is not responding to well. Matter a fact whenever i try to start it i get the blank white screen. I read some posts that it may be the Logic board and or HD. Any solutions and or suggestions?

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    The following support article is somewhat outdated. Where it refers to booting from an installation disc, you should boot from your recovery partition (if running 10.7 or later) by holding down the key combination command-R at the chime.


    Mac OS X: Gray screen appears during startup

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    Which os are you using?









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    yes i done that and MAc OS X utilities poped up. WHat do i do now?

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    I believe i am using OS X for MBP. I bought the laptop off of craigslist 5 months ago. Guy sold it to me aid that is was a 2011.

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    The first thing you should have done with a used computer is to erase the internal drive completely, then reinstall the original OS. If you didn't do that, you should do it now, after backing up your data. If the Mac didn't come with Lion preinstalled, then you should have received the original installation discs from the seller. If it did come with Lion, then you can use Lion Internet Recovery to reinstall.

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    WOw. yea i didnt know any of this. I didnt receive any discs when i bought it. Do i need to go to the apple store? SO basially i need to erase the data already on the computer's internal drive after backing up my files and reinstall lion. I have OS X10.7 version. How would i know if Lion is preinstalled already?

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    Call Apple customer service and tell them your serial number. They'll tell you whether your Mac shipped with Lion. If it didn't, you can order replacement discs from them. When you get the discs, reinstall, then update to 10.6.8 and buy a licensed copy of Lion from the App Store. Another option is to make a "Genius" appointment at an Apple Store.