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I Just got a Peavey PV 8 USB Mixer with 2 MXL 990 Phantom powered condenser mics.


Every time I connect my Mixer and open garage band there's a long continuous beep in the backround. No matter what I do I cannot drown it out. I've disabled the Audio MIDI Set up. I've gone into my preferences and disabled the internal mic and speakers and still nothing. The strange thing is that the mixer is fine if I have GarageBand shut down. But as soon as it even gets to the new project window The beeping starts again. Someone please help me.

GarageBand (Mac) '11, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Peavey PV 10 USB MIXER
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    Did you setup the input and output in Garageband>Preferences>Audio Midi?

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    Yes. And even stranger, i narrowed it down to my input. The noise only comes out in what ever program im about to begin recording mainly Garageband and when im setting the input setting on Sound>input, when i choose My USB mixer only. if i switch to internal mic no noise. but when i choose the USB Mixer the sound comes out.

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    Does it make the sound if you unplug the mikes from the mixer?


    With mic plugged in and phantom turned power off?


    With phantom on and mic gain turned down?

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    No to the first and second one and the noise will just go down with the gain as i make it lower so does the beep. The only thing i could think of is that if i connect my mixer with my mic and then switch my settings on preferences>sound  my internal mic does not shut off and causes this feedback. No matter what i do the thing never fully shuts off unless i choose line in. But i need the mixer obiously. I've read about this problem with macs and mixers that have instruments connected to them. But no one seems to know how to fix it.

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    Don't think it has anything to do with the mac or garageband.


    Are your speakers connected to the mac or the mixer?


    If you use headphones to monitor does the noise go away?


    Also if you don't plug the mixer into the mac and plug headphones into the mixer do the mic's work and do you hear a clean signal?

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    No speakers, and i did have em connected to my mixer but i took them off. With or without them the noise is till present. Weather i monitor from the mac its self or from the mac headphone port to the mixer itself. If i don't plug the mixer in to the mac There is no noise, the and i can hear the mic clearly. The noise only comes out when i open Garageband or any Recording program for that matter and When i go into my Sound preferences and switch from either internal mic or line in to the mixer, as soon as i choose the mixer the beep starts again. it's like a high frequency continuous beep, Never endidng.


    I should also mention. I Had a Peavey PV6 about two weeks ago, had to return it because i needed to connect more than two mics at a time, thats when i upgraded and got this one. But when i recorded with that one nothing was wrong.

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    You should never plug audio out port of mac to mixer if you are using usb. The only connection between mac and mixer should be usb . You can use the analog connections but not while using usb. To avoid problems use usb or analog not both.


    If you send audio analog out (mac) to mixer you need to send it to a record return and not send it to a buss that sends it back to mac or usb this will cause a loop.


    You also don't use Sound Preferences  to select the inputs you need to use Garageband preferences to set input and output.


    I don't think this mixer is multi-channel usb. I think it is 2 in 2 out through usb. So you can only record two separate channels at a time.


    Just want to add you probably should have bought a Digital audio interface instead of a mixer interface if you just need it for digital recording.

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    I had this same problem, exact same problem!


    After googling for hours for an answer, I decided to just call up Peavey.


    Come to find out the PV6 USB Mixer is only outputting 15v of Phantom Power. Most quality condenser mics need 48v.

    I asked him why did I see on the box and read online that the PV6 USB said it had 48v phantom power.

    To which he replied, "Only the Non-USB PV6 has 48v of Phantom Power."



    To fix this problem you would have to buy an external Phantom Power Supply

    Like this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000XUUXB8/ref=oh_details_o00_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&p sc=1


    It is only $20


    Hope this helps!