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I have installed a new WD Scorpio Blue 320 GB EIDE harddrive to my PowerBookG4 1,67 GHz (Model 1106, the one for 1,5 and 1,67 GHz). Since then the fans are running always, nevertheless the temperature of the harddrive and the other systems are in the working bonderies.

One thing makes me wonder, there is a temperarure monitor programm and it has upper limits for all system parts, except the harddrive. Would I have to set a upper temperature limit for my new harddrive to stop the fan from running?

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    Have you reset your PMU?


    1. If the computer is on, turn it off.
    2. Disconnect the AC Adapter and remove the computer's battery.
    3. Press and hold down the power button for 5 seconds and then release the button.
    4. Reconnect the battery and AC Adapter.
    5. Press the Power button to restart the computer.
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    I'm hoping BGreg's advice gets you running properly.


    However, if the fans fail to detect a working sensor, they revert to a "safe mode" where they run at full speed. I suspect that, in replacing the drive, you inadvertently knocked loose a sensor wire or damaged a sensor.

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    Thank you.

    Unfortunately this did not solve the problem.

    I tried then a P Ram Reset and a firmware reset, all to no avail.

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    I am not familar with the reply buttons, I wanted the box above as a reply to BGreg, it did say so, but it did not post where I supposed it would.

    As a reply to Allan Jones: I doubt that I damaged a sensor cable, because, the temperature sensor are all working. What I do not have is a limit in the hdd temperature range.

    But as another thought to what BGreg wrote, I am wondering if my DC In Board is damaged, and I suspect this is the case and may be changing the board will solve this problem and other problems I have too.

    What do you think?

    Is there any place where I can find the entire firmware commands for my PowerBook G4 1,5 - 1,67 GHz?

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    You know, a DC-in card problem usually manifests itself in as a charging issue.  I can't recall a connection between the DC-in card and a zooming fan. Can't say there isn't something new here, but just doesn't ring a bell as related.


    Just out of curiousity, if you pull you battery out for 5 or 10 mins, then put it back in and restart the system, does the date warning come up that the initial date is set to 1960 or some time way in the past? If so, your internal PRAM battery is shot and should be replaced. I've seen a few odd issues happen when it was shot.


    I agree with Alan too to revisit if any sensor wires were knocked off base. Have you run the Apple hardware test to see if it picks up any hardware issues?

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    Hi BGreg


    I did have problems with batterie charging, connecting and computer starting, so I know I do have DC card issues. I have read that over time the thermal paste at the CPU wears out, the fan running all the time is the CPU fan, the CPU is getting hot, not the harddrive. So I am thinking of changing the DC board and renewing the thermal paste and maybe the PRAM.


    Weird is that I just used the PB with batterie and no fan was going and I was using iPhoto 9 for half an hour. Taking the PB upstairs and waking it up, the fan started again, though I used the batterie.

    I tried the trick with the PRAM for 15 minutes, the date and time have been correct afterwards, but since yesterday the PB starts from the wrong Volume (from the first volume) and not from the second.


    I will try the hardware test when I get hold of a working DVD for my PB.


    But would you agree that I change the DC board, since I had charging and running on batterie issues since 2 months and renew the thermal paste of the CPU. Changing the PRAM would be possible, since I just have bought one just in case, but would you really recommend it?

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    Change your PRAM battery if, after you remove the main battery for 10 mins and without the power adapter plugged in, when you put the battery back in and restart it, the system tells you it's date is set to a 19xx date.  That's a solid indicator that the PRAM battery needs replacing.

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    Hi BGreg.


    The date stays even if I remove the battery for an entire night.

    I did the hardware test and nothing found, I contacted apple support and found out the my temperature are in the range where no fan should run, because it is too cool.

    I will contact WDC, because it might be that the harddrive does not send the proper signal all the time, because sometimes no fan is running when I even worked with iPhoto, so if I only do surf in the internet and read mainly no fan should run.

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    LaserJet5LApple, is that the largest size internal that will fit in the PB G4?  I put in a 250gb a while back and I need more space and was hoping at least 500gb would fit. 


    Ultimately I need to get a new machine but don't want to spend the dough.




    WD Scorpio Blue Mobile Hard Drives
    320 GB, 100 MB/s, 8 MB Cache, 5400 RPM


    Item #Description Qty PriceAdd to Cart
    PSD41101 320GB Western Digital Scorpio EIDE 2.5" 12ms 5400rpm 8MB Buffer NoteBook DriveCall


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    Hi greg h

    This is the largest size I could find to buy with the EIDE interface. Althouhg I believe that a bigger drive would be recognized and fit, but I did not find one. Actually the drive above is the replacement drive which sometimes works fine, I have just the problem that the CPU fan is running, but not at high speed.

    I do have the same problem, if you want to use the latest software, especially compilers, one would need an Intel Mac, but I like the Power PC architecture much more and I hate spending so much money at the moment.

    So I hope that the dirve above fulfills your needs, I have figured out, cleaning up the harddrive saves a lot of space and lets you find things faster, although there is no need since spotlight.

    I am working on the fan problem, I will receive a new harddrive to see if this solves the problem.

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    320GB is the largest IDE drive you can install. Of course you can have a larger drive as an external drive.

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    Thanks flor the replies.  I'll check the prices on the 320 and see if it's worth the upgrade.  Ultimately I'm not doing much with this so I'd prefer to hold out on upgrading to a n entirely new machine.


    Sorry to hear that the fans are running constantly.  Can you tell if they are running at the high or low speed?  Mine kick into high speed sometimes and lately I've been using either washers to hold it off the table to help with the airflow.  I guess you could get a base with a built in fan to be %200 sure you're not overheating.



    @BGreg...I was hoping for a 500, the 320 isn't much bigger than what I have now.  The issuea isn't external storage, obviously that's esy to resolve!